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Dinah Rodrigues - The Power of Hormones | (May 2019).


Hormone yoga can have a positive effect on your energy and your hormone production. How to endure menopause without medication and gain more well-being, read here.

A fluctuating hormone level is a common cause of physical discomfort or infertility. Stress, living conditions, environment or menopause favor the imbalance of your hormonal world. Symptoms of hormonal decline include hot flashes, hair loss, sleep disorders, headaches, agitation, or even depression. To counter these symptoms, doctors often prescribe hormones to restore the body's balance. The intake of hormones is not completely without and is often accompanied by strong and unpleasant side effects. Use meditation to balance the hormone balance? Sounds promising.

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Healing with hormone yoga

Hormone yoga is the innovative, natural alternative to the chaos in the hormone balance, which counteracts the medicinal use of hormones. The therapy was developed by the Brazilian psychologist Dinah Rodrigues. Dinah Rodrigues promises positive influence on the female hormone world and activation of hormone production in the ovaries, adrenals and thyroid by special asanas. Body, mind and hormone balance can be reconciled by hormonal yoga. Even with unfulfilled desire for children or menstrual problems, this yoga program can help and relieve discomfort.

Hormone yoga is common

"The special thing is the combination of body, breathing and mind through the interaction of physical exercises, breathing techniques and visualization, " explains naturopath Sigrid Molineus from Hamburg.

The expert with her own practice in the Hanseatic city was able to help many women with hormonal yoga. "Again and again participants call me shortly after the first hour and have their rule again. For others, the hitherto unfulfilled wish to have children becomes true. "

However, this is not always so fast: In order to achieve success in long-lasting problems, such as with the thyroid gland or hot flashes, the exercises should initially be practiced at least every other day, later two to three times a week and regularly. "External influences and stress can hinder progress again and again, " says the alternative practitioner.

For whom is hormone yoga suitable?

Anyone can do hormonal yoga and get a grip on hormonal problems. The exercises in Hamburg practice are individually adapted to the participants of the yoga classes. From experience Sigrid Molineus knows: "I always recommend to attend a course at least once. Then you can do the exercises at home according to instructions. Many come to my practice a second time. "

Hormone yoga combines body exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques as well as meditation exercises.

During pregnancy, surgery, heart problems, osteoporosis, herniated discs, hyperthyroidism, cancers and asthma, yoga should not be practiced. Ask naturopaths or yoga teachers before training for advice.

Exercise for a hormonal balance

With this simple breathing exercise to balance your stress, you can prepare for hormonal yoga: alternating breath. Take a comfortable sitting posture. Close your right nostril with your right thumb and breathe in through the left one. Close the left nostril with the ring finger and exhale through the right one. Inhale through the right nostril, close it and exhale through the left nostril. After a few repetitions, the exercise can be continued mentally without the help of the hand. Finish with left. Deep breaths are important here.

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