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"Moppel-I" author Susanne Fröhlich is now practicing yoga. Because a friend has promised: "That's what with you!" An exclusive insight into the new Fröhlich bestseller - a yoga trip in diary form.

Day 1, Week 1: Get the dog

I decide for the beginner DVD "Power Yoga" by Ursula. Position names pounce on me, insanely many animal names, from the cobra over the fish to the dog. I feel like in the zoo. The recurring dog makes me ready. I have always liked dogs so far. That is changing.

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Day 2, Week 1: Soon belly-free?

It pinches everywhere. I have body aches. At first, I think flu is on the way. By the way, my body seems to remember muscles he had completely forgotten. Embarrassing - sore muscles through yoga! Or is that good? I should think about buying a tight-fitting top. Best belly-free! Otherwise, you have to move your head slightly to look at the screen.

Day 8, Week 2: Relax

"You are so calm!" Says my son at lunch. Does that mean that I'm left alone for once? But actually, I feel like that myself, I'm in a kind of me-but-no-mood: awake, but unruffled. Lately drive in the car also voluntarily right. No, not to overtake. I'm not in such a hurry anymore. Ommm!

Day 9, Week 2: Dog love

The dog's position should be a relaxing position. At the beginning of my "yoga career" it was a mystery to me how one should relax with the dog. Meanwhile, it is reasonably. The body is - even at my age - apparently still adaptable. This is something very nice in yoga: you make progress pretty fast. Thank you, dear dog. Speaking of dog: In the US there is DOGA. Dog and Yoga. You can take your dog into the yoga classes and learn to relax together. Have spoken to my retriever today and invited him to do yoga with me. He seems at least as skeptical as me


Day 15, week 3: air down

Gill comes, a friend, a native Australian, who is a yoga teacher. I asked Gill to check if I'm getting it right. Gill calms me down, she has already seen "far worse". It sounds like me back in my schooldays when I came home with a four and immediately pointed out that there were even a five and a six. But how did my mother say so nicely back then? Down is always air. Upstairs, too!

Day 22, Week 4: Champagne Hotel

I have to leave for work and have a yoga podcast loaded on my iPad. Instead of going for breakfast, I roll out my mat in the hotel room. The video starts, and I'm horrified. It is sung all the time, it's called chanting. The thought of what others might think when they hear these sounds from my room worries me. With the Tonkulisse one could assume, here would be a champagne meeting instead. Embarrassing. I turn the sound down. But give up quickly and put me in the death position. Shavasana always leaves.

Day 23, Week 4: I like meat

Yoga and vegetarianism belong together like fish and water, many argue. Unfortunately, I like meat. Can I still be yogi? Does yoga have a certain code of conduct? Non-violence, sensitivity and vegetarianism? That's what always scared me off a bit. My yoga has to endure a slice of sausage or meat from time to time! Also an egg or two.

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