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Crochet Pattern Comfortable neck roll for making your own

Crochet Cape (April 2019).


Tension in the neck? This neck roll is not only comfortable and provides a valuable relaxation aid. It also serves as a beautiful decoration!

We show you with our free instructions how to crochet this neck roll easily. Download our crochet pattern and give it a try!

And that's what you need: Lana Grossa quality "Linarte (40% viscose, 30% cotton, 20 linen, 10% polyamide, running length = approx. 125 m / 50 g): 150 g white (Fb. 17), light gray (each) Fb. 33) and Beige gray (Fb. 45), medium gray (Fb. 46) and 200 g black (Fb. 18), 1 Wollhäkelnadel Nr. 4.

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Mesh sample: a square motif with flower = 14 x 14 cm

Basic Pattern (Crochet Square with Blossom): Hit 5 air stitches and close them with a chain stitch to the ring.

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1st round: Crochet one piece of air, * 3 stitches of air, one crochet stitch into the ring * Repeat 2 times, end with 3 stitches and 1 stitch in the 1st stitch.

2nd round: An airlock, crochet 1 set of stitches, 4 sticks and 1 set of stitches around each 1st round bow. Close this and each subsequent round with a slit stitch.

3rd round: Work with two air-stitches behind the work and * between the 2 middle sticks of the preliminary round around the bow of the 1st round, work 1 stitch, 5 stitches, repeat from * 3 more times.

Round 4: For the next round of batting, crochet 1 sturdy stitch, 8 sticks and 1 set of stitches around each 3rd round bow.

5th round: * 4 pieces of air behind the work between the 2 middle sticks of the preliminary round around the 3rd round bow 1 sturdy stitch, 4 stitches, 1 stitch from the back between 2 petals of the 4th round, from * still 3 repeat x = 8 sheets.

Round 6: Crochet a single crochet, 6 sticks, and a single crochet = 8 leaves for each round of the 5th round round of last round. Then connect with a tight loop between two petals from behind and the 7.-10. Run the round according to the crochet pattern, but in the 7th round stick the chopsticks and double sticks from behind around the tight loop of the 5th round .

That's how it works:

Crochet a total of 16 squares as described in the basic pattern:

  1. Four equal squares with stroke and first 6 rounds in white, 7.-9. Round in light gray and 10th round in black.
  2. Four equal squares with stroke and first 6 rounds in beige gray, 7.-9. Round in middle gray and 10th round in black.
  3. Four equal squares with stop and first 6 rounds in light gray, 7.-9. Round in white and 10th round in black.
  4. Four equal squares with stroke and first 6 rounds in middle gray, 7.-9. Round in Beige gray and 10th round in black.
  5. Now put 4 x 4 motifs on each other and orient themselves in color on the photo. Make sure that always different colors come together.
  6. To crochet together, place the motifs right to the right and crochet together on one side with the crochet hook in black with chain stitches, each time 1 stitch of one motif with the corresponding stitch of the other motif connect, thereby capturing the whole Abmaschglied. The seams of Kettmaschen lie on the bottom.
  7. Finally, the motifs to the hose together crochet.
  8. For the caps of the neck roll, crochet at an open end of the hose in black rounds. Close each round with 1 sliver stitch and start the next round with 1 twisted air stitch. After 11 cm finish the work.
  9. The other side work the same way. Sew the edge of the attachment between the hose and the cap with large stitches from the outside in such a way that a small protruding edge forms.
  10. Crochet approx. 40 cm long chainstitch cords (from 3 threads each) in black. Pull the cords through the edges at the end of the black cap part. Pull the ends together, knot the cords and push the cord ends inward.
  11. Finally, make two thick tassels of all colors, using black most. If necessary, wind threads around a 15 cm wide board. Tighten tassels several times with black thread. Finished tassel length approx. 16 cm. (Production of tassels see figure.)

Download knitting instructions

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