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Wellness care tips for hands and feet

DIY Hand & Foot Treatments (May 2019).


The right care for beautiful hands and feet. FOR YOU gives you simple tips on how to make your skin tender.

Our hormones regulate the temperature

In winter it becomes even clearer that women come from Venus and men from Mars. Because we freeze much faster, suffer more under cold hands and feet.This is scientifically proven. Blame are the hormones. The estrogen dilates the blood vessels, the heat can escape. To limit the loss, the body throttles the circulation from a temperature of 15 degrees. This is noticeable first on hands and feet. The supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells stagnates, the skin is less able to bind moisture and the repair processes are running at half strength. That's why hands and feet now need double care. Much really helps here. Dermatologists say: you can not over-cream your skin.

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Pampering tips for delicate hands

Our hands are quite thin-skinned because they have few sebaceous glands. That makes them particularly vulnerable in winter. Therefore, contemporary care starts with hand washing. Water and soap attack the sensitive acid mantle.Mild, pH-neutral cream soaps, syndets or shower oils clean the skin gently and contain moisturizing substances (eg "Cold Cream Syndet" from Avène). Then a fast-absorbing hand cream with macadamia or avocado oil fills up the fat and moisture depots (eg "hand cream" from Neutrogena). Our repair tip for brittle skin: oil-sea salt peeling (eg "Manicare" by La Biosthétique). Works as easy as washing your hands: massage in the oil-salt mixture for one minute and rinse off. The result: velvet skin without Nachcremen.

Feet love amber

Thick wool socks keep feet warm, but straight wool removes fat and moisture from the skin.Avocado oil and beeswax foot creams soften and soften the sock and booty skin and protect against dryness cracks. Ingredients such as camphor, cinnamon or ginger heat cold feet (eg "warming foot cream" by Hansaplast). And if you really want to pamper your feet, treat yourself to an amber massage before bedtime. This wellness hit comes from Russia and goes like this: warm a walnut-sized amber in a cup with hot sunflower oil. First rub the feet with the oil, then massage the reflex zones with the stone. Cotton socks over it - and wake up with velvet paw.

Wax for beautiful skin

If you want to offer something really good on your hands and feet, treat yourself to an intensive treatment in the Day Spa. For soft wax treatment, dry hands or chapped feet are dipped in a special paraffin warmer. The heat opens the pores, active ingredients can move in better. The skin becomes firm and soft. Ideal is a reflexology before the treatment.

The FOR YOU extra tip: Help from the inside! These foods make beautiful skin.

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