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Dr. John Gilmore's Nose Hair Removal? Oh Boy! (Part Two) (June 2019).


Sugaring, Intensed Pulsed Light or a simple shave: There are many ways to remove unwanted offspring. But every method has advantages and disadvantages.

For millennia, women in the Orient have been removing their hair from the body with sugar paste. American women and Europeans opted for smoother skin with increasingly airy clothing: in 1915 King Camp Gillette developed the first women's wet shaver, in 1940 Carter-Wallace invented a depilatory cream, since 1986 there are epilators, and even high-energy light sources stop growing.

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The Intensified Pulse Light (IPL) method provides a permanent solution to the hairy problem. The root of the hair is desoldered by heat. The disadvantage: redness can occur. Per session about 50 to 120 euros. Further information about the IPL method >>

Shaving is fast, cheap and painless.Even suitable for the sensitive skin of the bikini area and under the armpits. In addition, you never have to wait until the hairs have a certain length. But because they stubble and regrow almost all at once, many women shave daily. With specially shaped women's shavers you can work on all parts of the body - except the face. Who wants a stubble? New are models with five blades, so the skin is even smoother, or integrated gel, so it's faster. TIP: Shaving against the grain is more thorough, gentle with the stroke - better if you get inflammation easily. More shaving tips >>

When epilating massage roller and cooling systems reduce the pain, but it still hurts. Especially the first time. Ideal for beginners: models that you can use while showering. Heat opens the pores, releasing the hares more easily. It also helps to tighten the skin. After that you have up to four weeks rest. The hair grows more irregularly and more sparingly with time, if you regularly with root removed. New epilators capture the offspring already at 0.5 inches long. TIP: Peeling prevents clogged "hairless" pores and grow in harems. Tip: How to alleviate pain when epilating >>

After waxing, nothing grows for 4 to 6 weeks. But it is: clench your teeth!

Sugaring is a trend and still thousands of years old. The principle: A paste of sugar and lemon is slightly warmed, then pressed against the direction of hair growth on the skin and pulled off with or without strips in the direction of growth. Beginners should start with a small area and dust off the skin first, so that the mass sticks to the hair. Sugaring is now available in many beauty salons. Brand new is the combination with enzymes for permanent (!) Hair removal. TIP: To prevent inflammation, use pure aloe vera gel after depilation. More information about Sugaring and Waxing >>

Apply cream and wipe with the hair after 5 minutes - go fix and does not hurt. The offspring is soft and does not pique, ideal for the bikini area, the underarms and the face. Stiftung Warentest judges: The new depilatory creams are better tolerated and work faster than before. And they smell nice! In addition, this method lasts longer than wet shaving and there are no shaving pimples. TIP: You should definitely do an allergy test before first use.

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