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Sunscreen and healthy skin 11 steps to a healthy tan

How Sunscreen Works (April 2019).


Healthy tan, recharge your batteries, let the soul stroke. No problem if we protect ourselves properly and use the power of the sun - whether on the beach or in the city.

1 Did you know that 50% of UV rays arrive in the shade?

How long have we been looking forward to it: blue sky, sunshine, feet in the sand and the sound of the waves in our ears. It could not be better, right? But so that there is no nasty surprise, in the form of sunburn, or in the worst case, skin cancer, recommend dermatologists such as Dr. med. Eckhard Breitbart from Buxtehude: "Pale skin does not have any protective pigments and needs high sun protection. It is best to stay the first days, of course creamed, in the shade. There, too, you get brown - after three days of vacation under the canopy or awning, by the way, the same degree of browning is achieved as in the sun. "

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2 Strong protection from inside

During intense sunbathing, more free radicals are released in the body - the enemies of our body cells. Their aggressive behavior leads to premature cell aging. These "pests" are defused by radical scavengers such as vitamin E, beta-carotene or the trace elements selenium and zinc. Who starts six weeks before the sun vacation with building a Radikalfänger depot in the body, prevents sun damage. Cooked tomatoes (eg in ketchup or tomato paste) help: their protective substance lycopene is absorbed better and acts stronger when heated. Carotene beta carotene also binds free radicals, but only works in conjunction with some oil so it can be absorbed by the body. Ideal: a glass a day. Vegetable oil and nuts contain the radical scavenger vitamin E, which simultaneously stimulates cell renewal. Daily dose: one tablespoon of oil and a handful of nuts.

3 organic bodyguards: nature makes it happen

The best anti-sunburn strategies found researchers in the realm of nature, more specifically in the sea. For example, they discovered extremely adaptable enzymes, so-called extremozymes from bacteria, whose protective effect becomes stronger with increasing heat and sunlight. Or enzymes from blue-green algae, which live on the sea surface under strong UV radiation and have developed corresponding defense mechanisms (both in products of Carita). But something is happening on land too. Scientists have discovered that besides the sunflower, the Physalis flower is rich in bioactive plant substances (polyphenols), which, as radical scavengers, reduce the risk of cell damage and thus prevent light-induced skin aging (eg in products from Sisley). The bitter orange citrus polyphenol even acts as a "broadband radical scavenger" because it enhances the effects of vitamins. It plays a major role in the sunscreen of skin stem cells (eg from Vichy). Licorice root extract prevents inflammation and protects sensitive skin against irritation (with Eucerin).

4 Never again sun-pimples

1. Fair-skinned people in particular often react hypersensitively to wheals or pustules to UVA rays, and not just on the face. Preventively, calcium tablets and light therapy help the dermatologist. Recommended: a high UVA protection.

2. The "Acne Acne" (acne nodules) is a reaction to emulsifiers and supplements that make creams spreadable. Therefore avoid fat-containing care. Ideal: emulsifier-free gels and products that do without perfumes and parabens as preservatives.

5 Even complexion

From the age of 40, the skin produces significantly less melanin, the natural skin pigment and the body's own UV protection. It also spreads even more unevenly in the skin and it often causes pigmentation. Slowly tanning with high levels of UVA and UVB protection (at least 25%) is now particularly important for your color to be beautifully even. Additional effect: The slower and less stressful it develops, the longer the tan will last! Then summer can come.

6 Only those who cream well are well protected

Who applies too thin, does not reach the full sunscreen. Dermatologists therefore recommend 2 mg of sunscreen product per square centimeter of skin. That means about eight teaspoons of sunscreen, lotion or spray for the body, a teaspoon for the face.

7 Over the mountain

When hiking in the mountains, or in general with sports activities, you need sweatproof protection with SPF 30 (the intensity of UV radiation increases by 10 percent per 1000 meters of altitude). For sunglasses: big glasses! The darker, the better.

8 Less is sometimes more

1. Sun in moderation flatters the hair: The body forms with the help of UVB rays vitamin D, which grows hair and improves its structure.

2. On vacation, heat, water, wind and blazing midday sun remove moisture from the hair. The consequences: It becomes brittle and straw, the color fades. Therefore, spray on a leave-in care spray with UV protection before every sunbath (eg "Solar Sublime" by L'Oréal Professionnel, approx. 15 Euro).

9 A cure is worth it

Apply a hair conditioner before it goes to the beach - the heat intensifies the effect! Rinse in the evening, and the hair is soft and shiny. Immediately after the holiday leave as no coloration. The hairstyle is still strained, the color fades faster. Better: Maintain intensively for two to three weeks, then color.

10 Just take no chances

1. Heat removes moisture from the skin. Therefore, sun protection with sufficient fat and strong moisture binders is necessary for dry skin.

2. Some drugs in medicines increase the photosensitivity of the skin. These include antibiotics, anti-diabetes, psychotropic and St. John's wort remedies.

3. The preservative Paraben has long been on the list of suspects for allergy triggers and carcinogens - alarm for health! Many sunscreen manufacturers now refrain from doing so (eg Vichy).

11 Shielded at every opportunity

In town, compact sunscreen is ideal: it protects and covers at the same time as a make-up (eg with Avène's SPF 50). When gardening hat (sunburn on the scalp) and sunscreen with SPF 20 to 30 is the right thing. Long-sleeved cotton shirts offer a sunscreen of 10-12.

With these products you are well prepared for your sunbath and your skin stays healthy.

Tan healthy and keep the skin young longer? Here you will find sunscreen with anti-aging effect .

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