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With our five natural tips and tricks, you say the rule pains the fight!

Almost every woman now and then suffers from menstrual cramps. Secondary or regular spasmodic abdominal and back pain affect our physical well-being. In addition, fatigue and discomfort such as diarrhea, nausea and headache are common.

For menstrual pain, there are a variety of treatment options. Often we resort to painkillers from the pharmacy. Especially popular are ibuprofen, paracetamol, dolormin and buscopan. These release the spasms and act specifically against the pain. The contraceptive pill can also have a positive influence on the abdominal complaints due to the hormones it contains. However, there are also a whole rich natural remedy for menstrual pain.

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With these 5 tips you prevent active complaints

1. heat

A hot water bottle, a grain pillow or a warm bath can relax the abdomen and counteract cramping and pain.

2. nutrition

Avoid greasy food, black tea and caffeine. Prefer magnesium and calcium-rich foods such as nuts, spinach and hard cheese. Fruit, vegetables and herbal teas increase well-being as well. High-fiber foods have an effect on the bowel problems that often accompany menstruation. Avoid alcohol and nicotine during your rule.

3. relaxation

Take time to calm down and give your body the necessary attention. Yoga exercises and massages not only relax the body and mind, but also the stomach and back.

4. Sport

In sports, messengers are released, which enhance the well-being and feelings of happiness. Easy jogging in the fresh air or a round on the crosstrainer can counteract the discomfort. However, you should refrain from muscle training and excessive stress.

5. Homeopathy

As a homeopathic remedy, Magnesium Phosphoricum in potency D 6 can relieve spasms.

For extremely severe and recurrent pain, however, you should consult a doctor. In young women before the first pregnancy, these can be normal symptoms, and in women over 30, there is the possibility that benign growths in the uterus may cause the menstrual symptoms.

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