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As a supreme superintendent Jeanette Jaster has a lot to do. After a long and exhausting working day, she enjoys relaxing in her kitchen and diligently preparing jams.

boil down

We all have this one, very special childhood memory: there the grandmother again stands for hours in the kitchen and cooks delicious fruits and vegetables, in order to preserve natural summer fruits or summer vegetables and to increase the winter supplies. It is annoying that the grandma just now has so little time. But at the latest in winter, on cool days, we are grateful and enjoy the taste of the summer to the fullest.

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Nice childhood memory

Jeanette Jaster is 33 years old and works as a detective superintendent in Hamburg. Jeanette enjoys spending her free time and after work in her kitchen and behind the stove. For them, the boil-in of fresh fruit to jam is anything but work. It is much more of a passion, yes, a matter of the heart. Jeanette Jaster loves sweets and home-made food and from her childhood she carries many memories of the delicious jams of her great grandma. On the farm of her great-grandparents, somewhere in the former GDR, Jeanette got to know the canning and love. The 33-year-old always dreamed of a café, today she sells her homemade jams on the internet.

Practice creates masters

In her childhood, she looked over her grandmother's shoulder and memorized many tricks and recipes for preserving jam. It is not easy to boil jam. Basically, the process of boiling is always the same. But it requires a feeling to discover the right ingredients and the right flavor combinations. Jeanette Jaster tried a lot and her kitchen was used once or twice for a jam experiment. After some time and with a little practice their recipes became better and more sophisticated.

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