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Cellulite should not be a problem for a seasoned woman, finds our author Anne Stein - and still creams against the small dents

It is not a drama. Not really. About 90 percent of my time does not burden me the slight amount of cellulite. After all, I sit in a boat with models, Hollywood stars, and nearly 90 percent of the world's remaining female population. And that for quite a long time. Already as an 18-year-old, I could make subtle waves and dents appear on my lateral thighs, if I pushed the skin neatly together. After a very undemanding remark by my then friend, the green plastic massage glove of my mother, who was hanging in the shower with us, became my solid partner. In the middle a piece of ivy soap frothed. Every day I used it to pull big circles on my thighs until the skin was lime-red. Never in my later life have I pursued a beauty ritual so decisively and consistently as I did then. Maybe that's why my orange skin did not get much worse. I think my thighs are fine. Mostly. But for the absolute "is all right" attitude I just about ten percent missing. And they are enough to make me 100 per cent receptive to new creams, massage techniques and other promising methods and solutions.

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Cellulite? No problem!

There were times when cellulite was not a problem. For example, in 1962, no one had bothered that the bikini figure of Ursula Andress in "James Bond hunts Dr. No, "was not completely flawless. There was no name for what made her hips look a bit wavy. Cellulite was not worth mentioning. But - of course. The elastic fibers of the female connective tissue are, as was already known at that time, constructed so that they can easily cope with a pregnancy. And because they run perpendicular to the skin surface, they also hold the fatty tissue in the form of small columns together, which can be seen on the skin surface. Female hormones provide additional developmental support by stimulating an enzyme that promotes fat production and water retention.

Caffeine as an anti-cellulite agent

The global fight against dents began at the bikini season of 1971, when the first anti-cellulite remedy in France woke women's desire for a perfect body. Since then, caffeine is not just the star in coffee. "Rightly so, " says the Munich dermatologist Tatjana Pavicic from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität. Five years ago, together with colleagues, she set up a research group on cellulite and has since presented some of the few serious studies in this field: "Caffeine is one of the best-documented drugs. It promotes the burning of fat inside the skin, inhibits the storage of lipids and stimulates microcirculation in the cells. However, the caffeine in a cream must be dosed to two percent and packaged in liposomes, which pass it like small ferries in the fatty tissue. "Herbal substances from grapes, horsetail, apples and algae extracts can support the effect, slow the hardening of the collagen fibers and strengthen the tissue,

Get a permanent grip on the dents

In addition to the nearly € 800 million that women are estimated to spend on anti-cellulite creams, gels, oils and patches around the world each year, I contribute a nice portion. I regularly end up in the perfumery and buy what purifies the tissues, converts fat into energy and reduce the thigh circumference. As long as I distribute cream daily and massage in, I actually have the feeling: it brings something. But as soon as I stop, this effect disappears again. That would worry me a lot if my girlfriends did not feel the same way. Some spend even more money - for lymph drainage, algae wraps, treatments with negative pressure, stimulation current or deep heat. In the short term, it looks smooth. But in the end wins - the cellulite.

"In order to get a lasting grip on them, you have to do something about it permanently, " says sports masseuse Christel Gegg from Freiburg, explaining why occasional anti-cellulite actions are useless, regular deep-tissue massages all the more: "The fat cells, the cellulite form, are poorly supplied with blood and are broken down only in greatest need. Targeted massage strokes stimulate microcirculation. Sluggish fat becomes supple and can be broken down better by the body. In addition, a lot of exercise and a balanced diet with little sugar, starch and fat. "I like to think so. At least the deep massage for at home ("cellulite does not have to be" by Christel Gegg, Pier 19 Verlag) I will definitely test. Soon. In any case after my next bikini run.

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