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Sewing instructions Two-in-one tablecloth

Sewing Instructions for a Tablecloth (May 2019).


Both decorative top cloth and classic pad are sewn directly on each other and so allow no slipping. The two-in-one tablecloth for home sewing - get the free sewing instructions here.

The tablecloth is not an invention of modern society: tablecloths have always been used in every possible form, color, fabric and variant - whatever pleases - in order to make the table or table glitter with splendor or intentional simplicity. Our two-in-one tablecloth combines decorative table runner and classic white table throw in one. We give you tips and ideas on how to give your tablecloth DIY a special touch and how to sew a tablecloth with a personal touch.

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Dimensions: approx. 140 x 140 cm

You need: white-blue patterned fabric, W 150 x approx. L 150 cm; blue-turquoise patterned fabric "Tilda Birdcage", W 110 x approx. L 100 cm (both fabrics by Charlotta's); natural-colored twine cord, approx. L 970 cm (= approx. 1 ball of string). Also: matching sewing thread, scissors, measuring tape, ruler, pins, pen


Download free tutorial on

Iron the fabrics before cutting.
From the white-blue fabric a square of 140 x 140 cm plus around 6 cm hem added. Watch out for straight edges. From the blue-turquoise fabric a square of 93 x 93 cm plus around 1.5 cm seam allowance.


1. Iron the seam allowances of the small blanket to the left and place the blanket in the middle like a rhombus on the large blanket. Pin the part and quilt it up.

2. Put the twine cord along the stitching line in small slings and fix (see also photo). The loops are pointing outwards.

3. Sew the string along the stitching line with a zigzag stitch of the sewing machine.

4. Iron the tablecloth seam with 3 cm insert and 3 cm envelope and stitch.
Tip: Work a sample on the twine border.

Download sewing instructions

Visit and download here the sewing instructions for the beautiful two-in-one tablecloth >>

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