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Almost every woman struggles with stretch marks. How are they created and what can be done about them? Here are tips for dealing with stretch marks.

How exactly and where do the unloved stretch marks and, most importantly, how can they be gotten rid of?

This is how the stripes are made

Stretch marks or medically also Striae cutis atrophicae are a visible phenomenon in the subcutaneous tissue caused by excessive stretching of the tissue. If you appear during pregnancy, they are commonly referred to as stretch marks. They are especially common on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, hips, upper arms and chest. The red discoloration is triggered by the translucent blood vessels. If the collagen network in the skin is overstretched, then irreparable cracks. Over time, the cracks fade and then partially lighter or white, but remain visible.

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The causes of the streaks are often weak connective tissue, heavy weight gain and hormonal influences, as these reduce the elasticity of the skin.

Stretch marks can also be caused by rapid growth, as a side effect of drugs or sports, especially muscle building training. Women should generally wear a sports bra while training.

Remove cracks

If the cracks in the skin are already there, then it is difficult to get them away again. Often you have to treat the cause, so decrease in weight gain or possibly change the hormone preparations, and then in the second step to make the positive change in the cracks even possible. And then it just takes time. Sports and creams (especially with vitamin A acid) support the decline, but what you need is patience. In the worst case, several years, and it always gets a little better.

In addition to this natural method of mitigating the streaks, there are other medical ways to remove the stretch marks.

1. Dermabrasion: a method of abrading the skin.

2. Cryotherapy: targeted use of cold in various formats.

3. Trichloroacetic acid: Cosmetic and dermatological exfoliation to remove superficial skin layers.


For stretch marks and stretch marks: better caution than forbearance. Because if you pay a little better attention to a few things, the stupid skin cracks have made it harder for us to get angry. Here are some tips for prevention:

1. Drink a lot and eat healthy to protect the skin from bad influences

2. Pay attention to the weight and in pregnancy do not increase more than 20 kilos

3. Massage the vulnerable skin with a brush. Thus, the cells are perfused and the connective tissue is strengthened.

4. Cream at the most risky places, preferably at a pharmacy for the right cream.

5. Warm-cold showers to stimulate connective tissue and blood circulation.

6. Sport to a healthy extent, that is no bodybuilding or extreme sports.

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