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Laser and IPL method hair removal - finally smooth legs

How I Got Rid of the Ingrown Hairs on My Face - Ingrown Hair Removal (June 2019).


That's what our author Jutta von Campenhausen wanted. In two beauty institutes she tested new methods for hair removal - with different results.

Never epilate again, never again hair in the wrong place - that's what I want. Two methods promise such a permanent hair removal: Laser or flash lamps (IPL) create lint-free legs forever - or what goes by as "forever", namely several years. The principle is the same in both: A strong flash of light penetrates through the shaved hair to the root. There, the dye melanin absorbs the light energy, and it gets hot - 65 degrees. The hair root dies in heat shock.
This works best with "Snow White types" with light skin and dark hair, but not with red, blond and white hair. And with me? With cheeky, but exemplary shaved legs under the pants and a strange feeling in the stomach, I sit with Dr. med. Nicola Otte, laser specialist at the Dermatologikum in Hamburg.

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Hair removal professionals for the home

  • 1 IPL technology for home use: "i-Light IPL5000" from Remington, about 300 euros
  • 2 Can also be used wet under the shower: "Silk-épil 7 Dual Epilator Legs & Body" by Braun, approx. 170 Euro
  • 3 Permanently hair-free with light and warmth: "Lumea SC2001" from Philips, approx. 500 Euro


"The laser destroys most hair roots that are in the growth phase, " she explains. Then it gets serious for my legs: The "gentle YAG laser" is used. An icy blast of air in front of the flash of light should alleviate the pain - until then an ice compress must be placed on my damaged skin. The treatment takes about an hour. Afterwards I get an antibiotic ointment, which is supposed to prevent germs from seeping through the enlarged pores. Now it is time to wait and strictly avoid the sun, so as not to risk any pigmentation marks.
A few days later, the hair shanks, which are still in the pores, push out. For a week, they seem to continue to grow, but then they fail. After a good two weeks, my legs are actually almost as smooth as I wanted.

IPL method

Now I want to know exactly and also test the IPL method. While the laser only produces light of a single wavelength, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) uses the full spectrum of a Xe non - lamp. And the crystal head of the IPL device gets three times more area than the laser. Franziska Rösler from the IPL Institute Dermalisse strokes a cooling "contact angel" on my legs and launches. Every flash of light is a small heat shock - enduring, but anything but pleasant.
But the result is good and cheap: 120 euros costs the IPL treatment, when lasers were 300 euros due. However, the costs add up to both types of treatment, because in each session, only the roots that are currently wearing a hair are eradicated. It takes about six sessions at growing intervals to keep your legs smooth over time. But the effort is worth it!


Instead of removing dark hairs, they can be brightened up so much with Platinum Blonde that you can hardly see them anymore.

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