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Luna-Beauty care according to the lunar calendar

Grow Long Hair Using the Moon Phases ? (June 2019).


It can not be a coincidence that so many women take care of the lunar calendar! Try out how Luna-Beauty supports her care program. We have put together the most important tips.

1st new moon: clean with draft

Just as the Earth-Goddess initiates a new cycle every 29.5 days, our body can also start afresh at the time of the New Moon. Luna-Beauty supports her care program. Ancient ideas about the influence of natural rhythms say: The readiness for detoxification is now highest, the metabolism works intensely - ideal time for a day without solid meals only with herbal teas and juices. In addition, sauna and some yoga, and the energy flows twice as well.
Extra tip: best time to peel off. All deep cleansing applications such as scrubs, baths or cellulite wraps are now particularly effective.

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2. Increasing Moon: replenish reserves

As the sickle slowly rounds, our organism becomes more receptive every day. This week, he uses everything well and with long-term effect. This receptivity is ideal for muscle strengthening workouts and problem zone gymnastics as well as extended beauty rituals such as aroma oil massages. However, the body also stores everything we eat optimally. Chocolate and Burger fans should consciously eat low-fat and vitamnreich and prefer to sin to other phases of the moon.
Extra Tip: If you want a new hairstyle, now is the time. Because not only the cut lasts longer, the hair color is better absorbed.

3rd full moon: change of stimulus and rest

When the moon is a circular disc in the sky, many feel its mightiest energy most clearly. Life gets mixed up: they are nervous and irritable, and almost every second person swears that he sleeps worse at full moon. That's why everything is good for harmony: lavender pillows in bed, warming milk baths, relaxing masks for sensitive eyes, anti-stress body lotions. Typical at this time: headache and tension. In contrast, a small forehead and temples massage with mint oil helps. Also herbal teas with hops, lemon balm and valerian sedate effectively.
Extra tip: Balancing gentle movement types such as stretching, autogenic training or Feldenkrais now double for inner peace. Those who like to do intense sports should switch back down a gear for two days.

4. Decreasing Moon: away with the ballast

With every night the sickle in the sky narrows, and the body experiences its most active phase. Anyone who has a few pounds too much now loses superfluous little things with little stress and overcoming. Diets succeed faster when the moon is thinning because we have less appetite anyway. Fitness sports such as jogging, walking, cycling, skating are ideal for this purpose. Even sore muscles are limited. Even the removal of annoying hairs is less painful in this moon phase, and they do not grow so fast, says a rule of the moon.
Extra tip: First aid measures against blemishes are now more effective. The recommendation: anti-pimple patches, facial steam baths and cleansing masks.

Interview with beauty expert Gaby Just
Under the brand name "Just Pure", beauty expert Gaby Just produces natural cosmetics according to Mondphasen.

How did you even get the idea?

An old-established Allgäu peasant girl, Marianne, has informed me about the effects of the moon phases.

What's behind your philosophy?

The consciousness of humans has changed. Organic is becoming more and more important, also in the care. Our cosmetics are based on cold-pressed oils, herbs and plant extracts from purely organic cultivation, which are harvested in the proper phase of the moon and processed into products.

Why do plants then work more intensively?

Why are the tides working? - The raw materials are then in full possession of their forces. It has been proven that even sensitive natural cosmetics, stirred and bottled at the right time, last longer and care intensively. And even with "infidels" the moon acts in a quiet way


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