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Lunch nap Power-Napping for performance

How to take a nap and boost your afternoon performance (June 2019).


Short nap for more energy in everyday work and leisure. How to sleep fit!

Yawning - we all know her: the tiredness that brings us to our energy limits after lunch. Mostly she attacks us in the office and at work. Then we fall deeply into the soup coma.

In southern countries, the midday sleepiness has long been counteracted with a siesta. Even in Asia and America, small naps, so-called "power sleeps" have long been part of everyday life. And that makes sense! Because a small daytime sleep can increase your performance and even improve the reaction time. In addition, you can concentrate better and feel fit and balanced. In addition, the evening and daytime sleep in our Biorhytmus are provided as rest periods. Researchers at the Havard School of Public Health have even found in one study that regular naps can reduce the risk of heart disease by 30 percent.

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Noon sleep for body, mind and soul

You must not ignore the tiredness after lunch. Give in to the need for a little nap. This creates relaxation for body, mind and soul and also helps with stress relief. But not every nap can relax you. Because too long and too late nap make you sleepy, confused, moody and disturb your night sleep. Adults should sleep no more than 30 minutes during the day and children should not sleep for more than an hour.

Most effective is a noon sleep if it is between two and 20 minutes long. This will prevent the short sleep from entering a deep sleep phase. We recommend three naps a week.

Lunch affects the tiredness

Many large companies in America and now also in Germany even provide rooms to actively counteract the midday tiredness. But if you often get extremely tired at lunchtime, be sure to pay attention to what you eat. Because the heavier the lunch, the more tired you become. This is because the blood after eating in the abdomen is needed for digestion and does not provide as much of the necessary oxygen in the brain. After your sleep, take five to ten minutes to wake up properly. This works best with a tea or coffee and a small candy.

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