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Pimples with early 40's can have a common but many unknown cause: the skin disease rosacea. Medical officer and dermatologist dr. Welf Prager explains what the disease is and what can be done against it.

Suddenly pimples with early 40?

Am I already getting into menopause? "A desperate patient asked me recently. She had just turned 40 - a very attractive and well-groomed woman. Even during puberty she had a flawless complexion. Now you could see clearly pimples and small nodules in her face. She took it for acne, which can indeed occur during menopause. With a hormone change her skin problem had nothing to do.

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First signs are red veins

The cause was a phenomenon that is common but unknown to many: rosacea. The first signs, spiderweb-like red capillaries on the face, had also ignored this patient out of ignorance and just overpowers her with the usual make-up. What she did not know: Especially in this early stage can be counteracted well with medical cosmetics, with anti-inflammatory or antibacterial creams plus gentle facial cleansing.

If rosacea is suspected, it is better to go to the dermatologist too often than not enough. Because only an expert can make an accurate diagnosis through medical tests. Even at the advanced stage in which my patient was, we can help specialists - for example, with medications that act from inside through vitamin A acid or antibiotics. If the rosacea is even more advanced, the laser therapy or an operative correction remains. Although rosacea is a chronic disease, it can at least be stopped with modern therapy and symptoms can be significantly reduced. Those affected can also do a lot for their own skin. Important above all: do not use cosmetics containing fat, alcohol, perfumes or preservatives. And sunscreen without these ingredients should be applied to rosacea not only in summer, but throughout the year.

Dr. Welf Prague
The dermatologist, allergologist and phlebologist is a partner of the Hamburger Dermatotogicum ( His specialties include operative dermatology, aesthetic surgery and laser medicine. His wish: "I want you to feel good in your skin".

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