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Gift ideas Christmas gifts for men and women

Christmas Gift Ideas: Top 10 Unique Gifts & Presents for Men, Women & Kids (2018) (June 2019).


Are you looking for a present for Christmas, for your loved one, friends or family? We give you tips and take a special look at the question: which Christmas gifts are particularly suitable for men, which for women?

The most important thing about the Christmas present is the idea. If this is thoughtful and original, the feast of love can come. Of course, the characteristics and preferences of the person being gifted flow into the deliberation: is this a sports cannon or a bookworm, regular theater visitor or cultural banana? First and foremost, quite simply and simply, the question of the gender of the recipient plays a central role. Because even if a division is not very selective, so there are classic Christmas gifts for men and classic Christmas gifts for women.

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We are looking for you: What are good Christmas gifts for the man? What are women especially happy about?

Christmas gifts for women

If you want to gift a girlfriend or a female relative, you can think about whether to make your Christmas present yourself. There are no limits to your creativity, because there are countless possibilities. For example, mix coarse-grained salt granules with rose petals and rose essential oil into a wonderfully scented bath salt. Or get wax plates from which you roll decorative candles that conjure a romantic mood in every living room. Of course, the culinary delights of the brand "homemade" are a joy for every woman. If you have a lot to offer, a small bag of home-baked Christmas cookies can be a nice solution. But also sweet (jam) and savory delights (pesto) in preserving jars are always well received.

Basically, many women like individual decoration ideas and beautiful accessories. Do it yourself is never wrong and also usually cheaper than everything bought.

Christmas gifts for men

Now, finally, we reveal it, the truth about men: they love Christmas gifts! Well, with some gift ideas that women love, men do not elicit a happy smile. With jewelry and fashion, most men can do little. Other things, on the other hand, are especially well suited for your beloved husband, partner or even male friends and relatives. For example, have you ever tried a beer glass with personalized engraving? Such a gift is unique in each case. You can engrave the name and year of birth of the recipient or come up with something different. If you find a suitable card on which you express loving wishes, the happy will certainly be happy. Incidentally, other everyday objects can be wonderfully engraved, such as penknives and key chains. Or how about a cup à la "The best husband in the world" …?

If the recipient is romantically gifted, he may also be happy about a star baptism. No kidding: you can have a star baptized in the name of your sweetheart (or another friend) at the International Astronomical Union. A true love (or friendship) proof!

Conclusion: Apart from technology and cars, men also love gifts, and they are welcome to be homemade. Always make sure that you meet the taste of the recipient.

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