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Man and Nature Maria's court stories and her favorite: Run Lilly


Find out everything about Maria's court stories and what's behind it. Experience the wonderful story of running duck Lilly, who turned from an ugly duckling to a small television star.

"Anyone who thinks that country life is boring is wrong. For some years I live on my small farm in the Lüneburg Heath - and every day something new happens. "- So the words of Maria Köllner, the editor-in-chief of the new magazine" Man and Nature ". She lives with about 30 animals, including chickens, cats, dogs, horses, ducks, goats, etc. on her farm and loves her animals, showing her how it lives in the present, without constantly pondering what was or what could be.

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In "Marias Hofgeschichten", which can now be found in every issue, the editor-in-chief tells the extraordinary and heartfelt stories of land, animals and people. In the current issue, she talks about the chick Jo, which raises the question: Who is Jos's birth mother? Because the hen Trudi can not be the mother due to the different pleats. You can now read more of such sweet stories yourself in "Man and Nature". One thing is guaranteed: they are stories that are funny but also warm the heart.

In addition, Maria Köllner writes in the current issue about her personal - and also of many children and adults - darling of her farm. And indeed: Run Lilly, who was from an ugly duckling to a small television star. But we do not want to reveal more. You can read about the fate of the little running duck in the first edition of "Mensch und Natur".

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