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Knitting pattern jacquard pillow

Эффектный 3D узор крючком со схемой. Ленивый жаккард для вязаной подушки (June 2019).


Are you a fan of cozy decoration? Then you will like this pillow in jacquard style. Just knit it with our free tutorial!

You need:"REGIA DESIGN LINE" yarn from Regia (75% pure new wool / superwash, 25% polyamide, length = approx. 210 m / 50 g), approx. 150 g in Heather (Fb. 02902), and "REGIA DESIGN LINE HAND-DYE EFFECT "(70% virgin wool / superwash, 25% polyamide, 5% acrylic, run = 210 m / 50 g), approx. 200 g in Earthy (Fb. 08856); Knitting needles No. 2, 5-3, 5; Zipper; pins; matching pillow filling

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knitting patterns

Smooth right: Knit right stitches in the rows, knit left stitches in the back rows.

Serrated pattern:It is knitted smoothly to the right in rows according to the count pattern. All the rows are drawn. 1 box = 1 mesh. Rowing from right to left, read the back rows from left to right. The points are knitted in jacquard technique, ie the thread color, which is currently not in work, is carried along on the back of the knitting work. Knit the edge stitches with both thread colors. The 1.-48. Work 3 x series .

Download instructions on for free.

Stripes:Knit on the right, knit 2 rows of color Heather and 2 rows of color Earthy.

Knit stitch pattern:30 stitches and 36 rows = 10 x 10 cm

Stitch sample (stripe pattern):30 stitches and 42 rows = 10 x 10 cm


  1. Front:Cast on 131 stitches of color Heather and knit 4 rows in stocking st, beginning with one row at the back.
  2. Continue to work in the serrated pattern (see counting pattern) with the following division: 1 edge stitch, 8 x the repeat of 16 stitches, 1 stitch after the last repeat, 1 edge stitch.
  3. At 41 cm (= 144 rows) continue 4 rows of stocking stitched right with color Heather.
  4. Cast off all stitches in the 5th row (= back row).
  5. Back:Cast on 131 stitches of color Heather and knit in the striped pattern starting with one row at the back.
  6. At 42 cm cast off all stitches and sew on the threads.
  7. Close the lower open edge on both sides for 7 cm each in a stitch stitch.
  8. Insert the zipper into the opening.
  9. Open the zipper and close the open sides with small hand stitches in a knit or a stitch stitch.
  10. Insert the cushion filling.

Download knitting instructions

On you can download the knitting instructions for the pillows for free >>

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