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Beautiful teeth "There are great treatment options"

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Which woman does not dream of straight teeth? Orthodontist Susann Zellmann answers the most important questions in the interview.

Which woman does not dream of a radiant smile with beautiful teeth? More and more often adults have their teeth fixed with braces. But what is actually to be considered? Orthodontist Susann Zellmann from Berlin answers the most important questions in an interview with Für Sie Online.

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1. How many adults can be treated with braces?

"There are many adults who can be treated with braces and there are more and more, which is certainly also because the possibilities are becoming more diverse and you have, for example, with internal braces great treatment options that are barely visible."

2. Does this happen for cosmetic reasons? Or because there are really problems with it

Pain there?

"Of course there are often cosmetic problems as well, but my experience is that cosmetic and functional problems often occur together, the teeth are always moving, the teeth are changing, and when the teeth are stable, beautiful and healthy, so is the jaw Alright, but if they are wrong or wrong, it can not only be "not so good", it can also cause pain … Imagine a fence with a lath too far forward. It is falling much faster, it is less stable, but if all the slats are close together, not much can happen.The elimination of a malposition can make surgery necessary for adults, so that, for example, a lower jaw can be pushed forwards be fetched and beautify the previously fleeing chin part automatically.This is not only an improvement of facial aesthetics, but it also has an anti-aging effect, because the entire chin area becomes firmer. Incidentally, a correct tooth position is the basis for all other restorations on the teeth, such as bridges and crowns. "

3. How visible are the braces for adults? What is there for


"There are many different options, such as the treatment with a transparent rail.If the problem is not solvable, can of course be treated with a fixed clip, the so-called brackets, which are attached, for example, on the inside of the teeth Everything can be customized and optimally adapted to new digital plans, and in all cases it is the aim to minimize the visual impact on the adults during the dental surgery. "

4. How long does the brace have to be worn?

"Basically, the duration of treatment depends on the severity of the malocclusion and the type of treatment chosen, and the treatment usually takes between one and two years."

5. What are the costs? What does the health insurance fund take over?

"The costs are treatment-dependent and are between 3, 000 and 6, 000 euros, but can be even more expensive in difficult cases.However, since the health insurance companies in adults only co-pay in very severe cases, it is usually a private service Partial payment models offered as with other interventions, so that the sustainable and lifelong tooth stability and beauty is affordable for everyone. "

6. Does such a braces for adults also have disadvantages? Happens

For example, something about the fragility of the teeth?

"No, that's not the case." The only downside may be the regular appointments to the orthodontist every six to eight weeks, and for many it's more of a burden on them to pay more attention to their teeth, such as having to brush thoroughly but beautiful and healthy teeth, the increased willingness to care is an important requirement. "

7. Until what age is the treatment with a brace possible?

"A professor at the Charité once said: As long as there is a tooth in the mouth, you can move it, but of course you have to take into account the condition, especially of the tooth and jaw, which can change with advancing age." My oldest patient was for example, over 70 years old. "

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