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Radiant Teeth Tips for Dental Care

My TEETH Whitening Secret!!! (Mas MURA) (June 2019).


Hard or soft brush, electric or by hand - what's better? Here are all the answers. Also tips on cleaning technique, dental floss and chewing gum.

Are hard bristles better?

When it comes to the removal of plaque, definitely. This was the result of a study by the University of Witten / Herdecke: 120 subjects received soft, hard or medium-hard brushes and had to brush for two minutes twice a day for eight weeks. The result: "Hard brushes scrubbed off the plaque best, " explains study leader Professor Dr. med. Stefan Zimmer. They reduced plaque by 14 percent, the medium hard managed about eight percent, soft bristles just two. But: Who brushes horizontally or too tightly instead of in gentle, circular movements risks injury in the enamel and the gums. "These damages are worse than a bit of residual coating, " says Zimmer.

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And how well does sound clean?

Sonic toothbrushes oscillate at a very high frequency. The brush heads move up and down ten times more frequently than with conventional electric toothbrushes. You should thus remove the pads more thoroughly. But here, too, the right technology works - tooth by tooth, not too much pressure. Then clean acoustic and conventional electric toothbrushes very well. Not necessarily better than a regular manual toothbrush.

Where are the "problem areas" lurking?

Coverings are more stubborn in the right half of the right-hand side of the right-handed jaw, left-handed in the left-hand side - because the opposite side can be cleaned in a more controlled manner. Remove dental floss (for easy use as sticks) and interdental brush, a well-performing supplement are oral irrigators. Self-test: If you run your tongue over your teeth, you need to feel as smooth as you would after professional teeth cleaning in practice (1 to 2 times a year).

Is not chewing gum enough?

For the dental care in between, it makes sense. Of course only sugar free. The chewing action causes more saliva to flow and lavage the teeth. Result: pads do not form so fast. Chewing gums containing the sweetener xylitol have a big plus: they inhibit caries growth.

What must the toothpaste be able to do?

All toothpastes that contain fluoride strengthen the enamel and inhibit bacterial growth. Those who have sensitive teeth choose a special cream: it contains substances that close freely lying canaliculi in the dentin (dentin) and thus prevent the conduction of stimuli.

Always clean the same after eating?

No! After acidic meals such as fruit and juice, wait half an hour. Acid attacks the tooth enamel, and whoever brushes it can damage the tooth surface. Only after 30 minutes has the saliva sufficiently remineralized the enamel.

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