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Braided middle hairstyles guide for braided vertex

Versatile & Natural Looking Sew In You Can Put In A High Ponytail (June 2019).


There are many braided hairstyles, but have you ever tried the braided crown? This hairstyle provides one or the other respectful view of the street. The instructions are here.

Braided vertex

There are many braided hairstyles out there, but some do not know the plaited tops. If the wickerwork looks too complicated at first glance, you should definitely click through our step-by-step instructions. You will see: With our pictures and explanations, repliving is very easy. Have fun!

The manual was provided by STYLIGHT.

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Braided Vertex Step 1:

For the front braids, first braid a small braid, starting from the top of the head.

Braided Vertex Step 2:

Put the braid over the crown to the forehead.

Braided Vertex Step 3:

The braid should stop at the hairline and can then be attached with a hairpin. Tie the hair of the left and right hair to a braid.

Braided Vertex Step 4:

Now it's time for the Half Bun, half the bun. To do this, take the top hair tresses backwards.

Braided Vertex Step 5:

Now screw in the two strands of hair and place them in a bun.

Braided Vertex Step 6:

In the last step, only the half bun with a clamp or a Zopfgummi tie and …

… ta daa, finished is the braided vertex including Half Bun!

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