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Homemade Hair Volumizer : Natural Beauty Tips (June 2019).


Beautiful shiny hair needs sufficient care. Hair treatments are a must! However, they do not always have to be bought in drugstores, but can also be mixed together quickly and easily at home.

To keep your hair healthy and shine like the stars on the red carpet, it needs the right care. Hair spray, elaborate hairstyles, sun, salt water, etc. can strongly add to the hair and damage it permanently. For longer hair, a hair cure per week is recommended. But this does not always have to be bought in a drugstore. You can also do it yourself very easily and quickly. Most of the ingredients are usually at home. What the hair needs is also in food. Quark and yoghurt, for example, provide milk protein, which is very similar to keratin. Egg yolk contains lecithin, which cares for hair fibers and prevents them from drying out. And vegetable oils provide valuable lipids that make hair shiny and supple. We have put together a few recipes that will certainly help your hair cosmetics. And the ingredients for each cure are available almost everywhere.

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Cures with oil

Do natural cosmetics yourself? Why not! For example, try our moisturizer instruction.

Olive oil:The correct application of the oils gives the hair more elasticity and momentum. Olive oil is one of the most common hair conditioner among the oils. One takes enough oil in the palm of your hand and massages it in the unwashed hair. This type of treatment should last for a long time. To avoid greasy stains on the pillow, it is recommended to put a towel over it. The next morning, the olive oil is absorbed, and the hair should be washed once thoroughly, so that all the oil is removed.

Olive oil does not necessarily have to be used for this treatment. Good alternatives are sesame or coconut oil as well as walnut, jojoba and fruit oil. The variants should be heated briefly in a beaker in the hand and then rubbed into the hair tips. The liquid should then act for about one hour. Especially velvety root oil helps against split ends. Of these, a tablespoon is needed. Add to that a teaspoon of shea butter and three drops of essential ylang ylang oil. Everything is mixed and massaged into the hair ends.

Cures with tea

Buttermilk and stinging nettle:Even tea can be very helpful with strained hair. A secret tip is the mixture of nettle tea and buttermilk. The nettle tea must be pulled for 15 minutes and then mixed with a cup of buttermilk. The mass is then massaged into damp hair and washed out after 10 minutes. At the end, a cup of the cooled stinging nettle is poured over the head again.

Chamomile tea:Chamomile tea is especially suitable as a cure for blonde hair. For this, three chamomile tea bags are placed in one liter of boiling water. If the water is lukewarm, the tea can be fed into the hair lengths. The wet hair should be allowed to air dry after use. The same procedure works for dark-haired people with black tea.

Thyme tea:The thyme tea cure is mainly promoting hair growth. Three tablespoons of dried thyme are poured over one liter of boiling water. The tea has to draw for 10 minutes and cool before it is poured over the washed hair. The hair does not have to be rinsed afterwards.

Cures with fruits

Avocado cure:If you like it more fruity, you should definitely try the avocado cure. This requires a ripe avocado. It is minced and enriched with a spoonful of lemon juice, a tablespoon of honey, a small cup of natural yoghurt and an egg. The mus is applied to wet hair and wrapped in a towel. After about an hour, the hair should be washed with shampoo so that the spa is rinsed out properly.

Mango and Coconut Cure:The mango and coconut cream not only smells good, but also makes hair easier to comb. For this, two mangos must be peeled and the pulp then cut into small pieces. The shredded mangoes are then made into a pulp with two egg yolks, four teaspoons of coconut oil and the juice of half a lemon with a blender. The mass is then applied to the freshly washed towel dried hair. After the treatment has worked well for half an hour, it can be rinsed with lukewarm water.

Lemon for shine:The trend this spring clearly leads to platinum blonde hair again. For these there is a very special cure tip. A lemon must be squeezed into a cup until it is a quarter full. The juice is then added to damp hair with half a cup of water. This treatment only needs to be applied for a few minutes and then rinsed out well. For dark hair, the whole works with vinegar.

More tips

For the right shine in brown hair, a cup of cooled espresso can be massaged into washed, slightly damp hair. The coffee beverage should be left for half an hour and then rinse well with water.

A tip for an optimal exfoliation of the scalp are sunflower seeds. These are crushed with a mortar and mixed with a little water on the scalp massaged. When the sebaceous glands in the scalp are stimulated, it also has a positive effect on healthy hair growth. Then the scrub must be rinsed thoroughly.

For all home-made cures, the general rule is: Do not keep anything longer than a day! Otherwise, the cure will no longer provide the desired effect. Thorough rinsing is also important so that the hair is not overcareed. If the hair is greasy after the treatment, the hair conditioner used is not suitable for the respective hair type. It's best to try out the ingredients that best suit your hair.

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