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Make the recipe soap yourself

Soap Making Tutorial for Beginners - Full Demonstration and Easy Beginner Recipe (June 2019).


Natural soap does not need many ingredients. What you need to consider when making your own soap, you can read here.

Our skin is our largest organ. It protects us from external influences and the weather of nature. There are many different types of skin and in order to clean them, we are regularly confronted with ever-increasing beauty shelves. The biggest problem with most sold soaps are the many synthetic additives. The individual ingredients of the products can not be decrypted by the average consumer. When you make your own soap, you know 100% of what's in the product. We have collected tips and recipes for your soap making here.

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Do it yourself:

The special feature of homemade soap is that you can use vegetable oils and fats in food grade. You can use oils such as rapeseed oil or olive oil, or use various nourishing dairy products as ingredients. The oils and natural glycerin produced by the cold-soaked soap provide your skin with extra moisture. For the so-called saponification you need then only potash or caustic soda. Your creativity knows no limits. You can freely set the scent and color according to your mood.

Our tips for a good preparation:

With good preparation and patience, you can easily make soap yourself. Caution: Working with caustic soda can attack and etch the skin! So make sure that you protect your eyes, nose and skin!

1. For the preparation of your personal soap you should look for a room with running water.

2. Also ensure adequate ventilation.

3. To protect your eyes, you should wear protective goggles and use thick cleaning gloves for your hands and arms. To protect your clothes, it is best to wear an apron. Also a mouthguard is recommended.

4. The work surface should not be made of aluminum, as the caustic soda destroys it. Use containers and tools made of plastic or stainless steel. Usually you need a 4-5 liter pot, a small pot, a wooden spoon, blender, plastic containers, plastic molds and a kitchen scale.

Here you will find the recipe for homemade bath soap >>


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