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How To Remove Neck Wrinkles Permanently In 2 Months! Look 10 Years Younger Naturally (April 2019).


Not only our face shows signs of time in the long term: The skin on the neck is at least as susceptible to first wrinkles. We give tips on how to properly care for your neck and tell you what modern surgery can do for you.

For the face, there are an infinite number of skin care creams, lotions, pots and pots. And at the latest from the middle of life, most women swear by their daily portion of anti-wrinkle care. Our neck is often treated stepmotherly. The skin underneath our face also determines how young we are. Here, in the course of life, above all, transverse wrinkles are noticeable that arise as a result of the head movement.

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The right care can give us some years

Anyone who pampers his facial skin daily with a cream or lotion should never forget his neck. Because like cheeks, nose and forehead, the neck is also exposed to many environmental influences such as UV rays, polluted air and scratchy scarves. In the evening, simply get used to thoroughly cleansing your neck and then take care of the entire game between hairline and décolleté. A peeling can also help to keep the skin on the neck firm and smooth. Once a week, a treatment with the peeling sponge or a gentle exfoliating cream is sufficient.

If the neck is already wrinkled, what can the surgery do?

Wrinkles on the neck can not always be avoided - once they are there, they must be accepted. Or one decides to undergo a surgical procedure. This is always associated with certain risks and also remains an operationally smooth neck not wrinkle-free for the rest of life. However, a surgery can give you a fresher look, at least for a few years. The neck lift can be done under the chin or behind the ears. It is also possible to lift only the superficial layer of connective tissue from the underlying layer and tighten it again in the tissue in a streamlined manner. The latter method is more elaborate, but promises more pronounced effects.

No matter which method you decide on: Be sure to give extensive advice in advance and think twice about whether you really want to go under the knife for a tight neck. With a healthy self-confidence, even a few wrinkles are elegant!

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