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Sewing instructions Chic iPad case made of goat leather

Western Handmade Leather Laptop iPad Messenger Bag | Western | | (May 2019).


The high-quality, soft goat leather is ideal for stylish protection of your favorite tablet. We'll show you how to easily sew this trendy protective case yourself.

Noble goat leather not only provides the optimal protective shield for your iPad against scratching, splintering of the disc or damage caused by fall, but also acts as a stylish accessory in everyday life, in the office or on the road. With the right mix of colors, the new DIY iPad case will quickly become a fashionable eye-catcher and will pep up any outfit. Take a look at our sewing instructions for this beautiful iPad case and just sew your own favorite protective cover yourself.

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Dimensions: about 20 x 26 cm

You will need: 1 piece each of pink and gray goat leather or pink and gray artificial leather, approx. 24 x 30 cm ( tip: take the finished pattern to buy the leather); 1 zipper in turquoise blue, L 26 cm.

Also: matching sewing thread, textile glue, paper for cutting, scissors, ruler, pen, zipper foot for the sewing machine


- For cutting the front or back on a DIN A-4 paper, draw a rectangle of H 20 x W 26 cm. Round off the two lower corners and cut out everything. Tip: So that the rounding is nicely even, you can z. B. an inverted espresso cup o. Ă„. use and trace the outline. Measure 2 cm in height at the top left corner and draw in the position of the loop (loop width approx. 1.5 cm).

- 1 x each cut from pink or gray leather plus 1 cm seam allowance on 3 sides, the side for the zipper without seam allowance.

- For the loop a 1.5 x 8 cm piece of pink leather.

Download free tutorial on


1. Sew the leather tab around the edge of the leatherette and put it in half (= 1.5 x 4 cm).

2. For the zipper insert to close the case, first place the pink and gray rectangles facing each other and place the zipper in the middle. Glue the edges of the gray and pink leather parts onto the zipper with textile glue. This results in a space of just under 1 cm for the zipper.

3. Stitch up the two glued sides at a distance of 0.5 cm from the leather edge.

4. Open the zipper and fold the parts right to right.

5. Close the open sides and the bottom, with the tab on the marked side.

Tip: So that the parts do not slip when sewing, you can fix them with paper clips.

6. Carefully cut back the seam allowances. Cut small triangles from the seam allowances in the curves.

7. Turn the bag to the right and carefully prick the seams.

Download sewing instructions

Visit and download here the sewing instructions for the chic goatskin iPad case >>

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