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Canning preserves: preserving fruit, vegetables and meat

Preserving the Harvest: Canning Potatoes and Beef Stew (May 2019).


Canning is back in and above all fun! With many delicious recipes you can preserve the harvest of the season and bring variety into your pantry.

Canning, cooking, awakening: how it works!

Today, the terms "canning" and "cooking" mostly synonymous. But strictly speaking, fruits and vegetables are stuffed into classic mason jars directly into a mason jar, which is then heated again in a water bath or oven. The contents are cooked in the glasses in which they are stored. Heating and cooling creates a vacuum that provides durability - a method that dates back to times when no other preservative options were available.For the food often kept for years.

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In today's more common Einmach method you cook the food depending on the recipe in a pot and then filled in clean preserving jars with practical screw lids. The principle works in a similar way to boiling: the extended air contracts when cooled and the resulting vacuum ensures that the glasses and lid are well-sealed. In addition to the exclusion of air and temperature, ingredients such as sugar, vinegar, oil and alcohol ensure that the food will last long.

Canning fruits and vegetables

A nice side of cooking is that you can preserve the taste and colors of summer or autumn for a while. For cooking and canning all fresh fruits and vegetables are suitable. There are no limits for your creativity.To cook jam or jam, you need, in addition to the jar and a large pot, gelling sugar in the appropriate fruit-sugar ratio. In the trade you will find mixtures with the ratio 1: 1, 2: 1 or 3: 1 - depending on the fruit and of course your personal taste.

Agar-agar (derived from algae and is a vegetable alternative to gelatin) and pectin are also great alternatives for gelling. Although the latter is present anyway in gelling sugar, but so you have the opportunity jam and compote to try different sweeteners such as cane sugar or agave syrup. But watch out: the amount of sugar definitely has an effect on the shelf life! At F├╝ we have put together many delicious recipes for jam or pickles for you to boil: light blackberry pear jam or pumpkin in ginger syrup.

Einkochen of meat dishes

Boiling sausages is probably one of the safest methods of home cooking. It is as easy to prepare a cooked sausage in a jar as a jam and lasts for half a year. You can easily boil liver sausage yourself (shelf life of three months). With delicious herbs and spices provided, is a cooked, homemade sausage a great change and is also suitable as a nice gift idea.

Goulash cooking takes quite a while - so much the better if you can prepare and preserve larger amounts of it. When the freezer is again bursting, cooking goulash is a great alternative. Whether boiled in a water bath or oven - a glass of home-cooked goulash is always at hand. By the way: The food to be cooked (fruits, vegetables, meat) is slowly heated to 75 to 100 degrees when heated in a pot (best checked with a thermometer). When cooking in the oven, the required temperature varies between 150 and 200 degrees - depending on the type of food to be cooked.

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