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Hairstyles updos with bangs


A pony makes a face look more interesting and makes open-cut hair an eye-catcher. But even updos can make a nice look with pony. We give you two options for a great styling with pony and give valuable tips.

Many women think you have to take their pony away if you want to miss a nice updo. But on the contrary: Properly styled, an updo by a pony can look even more special!

Instructions: Banana with pony

For this hairstyle you need hair spray, bobby pins, a stick and a little patience - that's all!

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  1. Brush your hair well. Generally, this hairstyle keeps you better if you have washed the hair the day before. A bit of volume powder can make very smooth or freshly washed hair more grip.
  2. Now pull an exact side vertex over your pony.
  3. Grasp the hair at the nape of the neck and turn it upwards.
  4. Stick the banana with the bobby pins on the remaining hair, the hair ends turn down into the banana and also pin.
  5. Fix everything with hairspray, even your pony can handle a little hairspray - done!

Instructions: Deep bun with side pony

Prepare Bobby Pins, Mousse, and Hairspray.

  1. Brush your hair and massage over mousse.
  2. Grasp the hair loosely around the neck.
  3. Turn the hair strand either to the right or to the left and lock it loose with bobby pins.
  4. Then pull it apart a little so that it sits loosely.
  5. Style your pony to side and fix the whole hairstyle with hairspray.

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