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Just Boil 2 Ingredients & Drink This Before Bedtime and Loss Weight Overnight! (May 2019).


Who wants to get his fat away, often tastes through numerous diets. Often without knowing whether the weight loss method is right for one's own lifestyle. We clarify the BCM diet.

If the pants are pinching and the balance raises alarmingly, then it's time to slim down. And those who want to get fit and slim through life rarely reach their goal without their own help. The BCM diet promises to melt pounds by changing your diet and initially replacing your meal. BCM stands for Body Cell Mass and is a diet method distributed by PreCon.

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This is how the BCM diet works

This provides that the willingness to absorb less calories than they consume. At the beginning of the diet, two meals a day are replaced with PreCon's special products, such as shakes or soups. The third meal may be a plate of spaghetti bolognese or another favorite dish. The dieters do not have to do without their food. The only prerequisite: This must not contain more than 600 calories. So as little fat as possible should be used. It is also important that nothing is eaten between meals. This is based on the assumption that the body can burn fat best when insulin levels are low for about four to six hours. But every little snack in between would do the opposite. If the desired figure is reached after a few weeks, there will only be one BCM product once a day. If the weight remains stable now, you can eat normally again - but of course healthy and balanced, otherwise the yo-yo effect starts. If this is the case, the desired weight should be restored with the temporary reintroduction of a shake or a soup.

Advantages and disadvantages of the diet

The BCM diet is particularly beneficial for overweight people, because they let the pounds tumble quickly at the beginning and so the motivation is high to stay on the ball. However, the BCM products are not exactly cheap. Doctors continue to criticize that initially too many of the replacement products are consumed, a healthy diet could have the same effect. It is also important that the dieters pay close attention to a balanced and healthy diet. Lots of vegetables, lean meat or fish or a low carb diet will keep you slim and healthy in the long term.


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