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Slimming Specific training for a flat stomach

Workouts for Women : How to Lose Belly Fat with Exercises (May 2019).


The belly is the number one problem area for many women. It does not have to be a washboard stomach right away - with our tips and a well-balanced diet plan, sweet tooths will also get a flatter stomach.

Tummy-legs-back-butt, abdominal-away-trainer and shaping underwear - hardly any part of the body, we are as persistent to body as our midsection. But instead of fighting against the bare belly approach, we should rather work with the stomach and train our other habits. A healthy diet along with the proper abdominal workout helps to lose weight slowly but healthily and get rid of the belly fat permanently.What nutrients does he need and what makes the fat pads grow? And what training is the best way to keep your stomach fit and flat ?

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Let the belly fat melt from the inside

Our body needs food. But it depends on the composition! Constantly dieting and counting calories is not only stressful, it can even harm your health through the one-sided diet. It is better to keep a balanced diet and to change your eating habits over the long term instead of losing weight as fast as possible. Eating regularly helps to keep blood sugar levels constant and avoid hunger pangs.

Vegetables and protein should make up the largest part of the plate at every meal, generally more fruits and vegetables, but less meat products. Carbohydrates should be consumed only moderately. These are split directly into sugar in the body - if it is not burned, it ends up as fat on the stomach and hips. Again, the right choice helps: instead of white flour rather whole grains. Especially in the evening we usually move too little to really burn all the carbohydrates. Low carb is the keyword: better roasted chicken fillet with a colorful salad than pasta in tomato sauce. Then the body attacks the fat deposits during sleep - also on the stomach!

Belly gone: eat properly instead of diet

Does the coke really have to be? And does the light yogurt really live up to its promises? Our tips for your purchase.

In general, high-sugar foods are not really conducive to a flat stomach. But, if you eat healthy and balanced, you can treat yourself to something. Instead of sweet whole milk chocolate, it is better to take the dark chocolate - it contains less sugar and more cocoa. This provides us with many flavanols, which make blood vessels more elastic and slightly lower blood pressure. If you want to lose weight permanently, you must drink enough throughout the day. Unfortunately, soft drinks are true sugar bombs, juice spritzers and unsweetened herbal teas for good alternatives without burdening the calorie account. Place the refilled glass of water in strategic locations or always have a bottle of water at hand - all of this helps to ensure that the topic of drinking is not neglected and the belly fat gets away faster.

Targeted training helps to lose weight on the stomach

Somehow clear: Without sports it does not work! The right workout not only helps you lose weight, but also lets the fat melt in the right places. Crunches are well-known exercises for a flat stomach, with which it can be effectively trained at home. Again, it depends on the how. Because only if the exercises are performed properly, the abdominal training is effective in the long run and ensures a firm stomach. For the starting position, the lower back should lie flat on the ground - even when the head is at the highest point of the exercise. In addition, the arms should be crossed behind the neck and the elbows are horizontal. A good trick: Instead of the nose, the chin should stretch upwards - so a stiff neck is avoided.

Belly-away exercises for home in the video


  • Do not worry too much at once. Instead, prefer to proceed in smaller stages and celebrate even small success experiences - that motivates!

  • Continuous training brings nothing more than weeks to do and then pampering. A workout plan helps to stay disciplined and build abdominal muscles week after week and burn the stomach fat

  • Exercise breaks are especially important because over time, the muscles grow and the body regenerates. So definitely plan training-free days between the units

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