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Knitting instructions Bommel hat for the winter


Equipped for the winter: the knitted Bommel cap keeps the ears warm and looks good. The coronation of the whole is the pompom of fake fur. We wish you a lot of fun while knitting.

Size:S / M / L

Material:"Alegretto" (40% acrylic, 30% mohair, 30% polyamide, running length 32 m / 50 g) 100 g Red Color 08501 from Schachenmayr select. 1 short round knitting needle No. 8 and 10. 1 faux fur pompom in white-gray (Kox, Art. No. 47004, color 234). 1 "my selfmade" label.

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Bundle pattern with needle no. 8:1 st on the left, 1 st on the right in alternation.

Basic pattern with needle No. 10:Smooth right: Always knit right-hand stitch in rounds.

Knit stitch:Knitted in the basic pattern results in 9 stitches (M) x 12 rows (R) = 10 x 10 cm.

Instructions:Slightly cast on 32/36/40 sts, close round and knit 5 cm in the border pattern, then continue in the basic pattern. 19 cm from waistband always knit 2 sts to the right = 16/18/20 sts. Knit one more round only st in stockinette st, then gather all sts (always draw 2nd st on left needle over st 1 st). Fasten the faux pompom with a double loop at the top (so it can be removed for washing). Sew on the label on the hem.


S = 34/36, M = 38/40, L = 42/44

If several sizes are specified for a manual, then the corresponding size is indicated at the corresponding position, ie for size S always the first number, size M the average number and size L the last number. If only one number is given, this applies to all sizes.

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