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Oldies but Goldies These stars will be 50!

Oldies But Goodies 50's & early 60's Rock & Roll (May 2019).


Even though stars like to cheat with their age, round birthdays are always a reason to celebrate. These celebrity stars will turn 50 in 2013. Would you have known?

"Sexiest Man Alive" are also getting older. Brad Pitt will be proud 50 on 18.12.2013! Surely Brad celebrates his day of honor with Angelina Jolie and his six children. We wish him all the best.

Despite Hollywood's obsession with Hollywood, Johnny Depp (to be confirmed on June 9, 2013, 50 years old) proves he's the coolest sock in Hollywood. With whom he celebrates his birthday? We are curious about Vanessa Paradis in 2012 and his relationship with model Amber Heard is already over. We wish him all the best.

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Actor, director, producer and father. Til Schweiger is more successful than ever! Til proves that success has nothing to do with age! The actor turns 50 on 19.12.2013.

Wow, actress Helen Hunt turns 50 on 15.06.2013. How does she do that?

Even the cuddler singer nullte already on 19.02.2013. We wish Seal professionally and privately all the love.

Last year, Brigitte Nilson was in the press with much negative news. We hope that her birthday (15.07.2013 will be 50 years old) will be an occasion to shine with positive headlines again.

Jet Li celebrates its fiftieth birthday on 26.04.2013. Despite his age, the Chinese actor is one of Hollywood's most sought-after martial arts actors.

Also Katja Riemann celebrates her fiftieth this year - on 01.11.2013.

On 25.06.2013 George Michael celebrates his 50th birthday. In 2012 he had to interrupt his planned tour for health reasons. We hope the singer is doing better and that he can start full again in 2013.

Actor William Baldwin will be proud 50 on February 21, 2013! Most recently, the actor appeared on the show "Hawaii Five-0".

Even an Austin Power is getting old. Actor Mike Myers celebrates his fiftieth birthday on 25.05.2013. Happy Birthday!

Director Quentin Tarantino celebrated his fiftieth birthday on 27.03.2013. This year he honored his second award at the Oscars. We say: Quentin keep it up!

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