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Fit through yoga yoga for the immune system - no more colds

Yoga For When You Are SICK - Yoga With Adriene (April 2019).


Yoga also helps really well against flu infections: Those who practice regularly, strengthen their defense, is less likely to catch cold and needs less medication.

Yoga for the immune system - Never catch a cold

Produce more immune cells with MILZ
The spleen rarely causes problems and is therefore often ignored. When the spleen is strengthened, more immune cells are formed to protect the organism.

Exercise instructions:
• Take a deep breath in and out. Lie with your back on your yoga mat, arms next to your upper body, and put your feet up.
• Firmly tighten the pelvic floor and abdomen and slowly lift your legs one at a time until they are at right angles to your upper body. • Stretch your legs slowly towards the ceiling and cross your ankles.
• In the next step, take a deep breath and move your toes for about 3 minutes.

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The spleen is relatively small and weighs only 150 to 200 grams. However, it plays an enormous role in the body's defenses: It produces immune cells and ensures that the white blood cells can fight many pathogens - without us being aware of them.

Distribute the oxygen better with the LUNGE
This exercise is about mobilizing additional defenses. The lung capacity can be expanded and the oxygen uptake of the blood can be increased. To achieve optimum lung function, practice daily. A recent study from Thailand showed that participants had significantly increased their lung volume after just six weeks of yoga. The grown organ can absorb more oxygen, distribute it better in the bloodstream and thus strengthen the entire organism.

Exercise instructions:
• Sit on the floor in a yoga or cross-legged position and take a straight stance.
• Hands lie loosely on your knees and embrace them. Close your eyes and come to rest.
• Inhale slowly, consciously filling your lungs so the chest can expand forward. • Try to breathe evenly, roundly and powerfully and avoid short, abrupt breathing bursts.
• Now hold the air and gently press the tip of the tongue against the upper palate.
• As long as you can hold your breath, gently sway your upper body back and forth.
• Then exhale deeply.
• Repeat this exercise. The goal should be to be able to hold the breath gradually longer and longer. In the beginning, 30 seconds is quite enough, you should not put yourself under pressure. With regular practice you will notice how you increase day by day and the intervals get longer. If you manage to hold the breath for a full minute, the blood absorbs the ideal amount of oxygen from the lungs.
• Practice 5-11 minutes. If you practice this exercise for 11 minutes daily, the blood can sustainably regenerate and support the immune system more effectively.

The lung consists of two wings, their average maximum volume is three to four liters. In old age, it can be reduced to less than two liters. The main task of the lung is to replace the waste product carbon dioxide with oxygen. Through the bronchi our breathing air reaches the alveoli. There the gas exchange takes place. The mucous membranes of the lungs must ward off pathogens. The better the gas exchange works, the more effective the defense performance.

Balance the BLOOD CELLS
If you perform this exercise regularly (preferably for 11 minutes every day for 40 days), you will ensure even distribution of the white and red blood cells in your organism. This is important for a powerful immune system.

Exercise instructions:
• You sit cross-legged on your yoga mat. The spine is erect, you look forward.
• Now lift your right hand and stretch your index and middle fingers upwards as if to swear. Simultaneously press the ring finger and the little finger against the thumb so that they form a circle.
• Guide the left hand to the chest so that the forearm is parallel to the floor. Bring your fingers in the same position as your right hand: your index and middle fingers are stretched out side by side touching the sternum. Ring and little fingers form a circle with their thumbs and rest over their hearts.
• Close your eyes, focus on the tip of your nose.
• Breathe calmly, slowly and in a controlled manner. Imagine that your breath wanders from the nose up to the point between the eyebrows and from there down towards the heart, where the fingers of your left hand touch your upper body.
• Stay in this position for several minutes. Try to slowly increase the scope of this exercise as well. The goal is to be able to hold the posture and concentration for 11 minutes at a time.
• At the end, take a deep breath in and out three times.

The white blood cells are the fast-acting immune system. They fight off bacteria, viruses or fungi that try to attack the organism. The main task of the red blood cells is to provide all the organs and tissues of the body with the vital oxygen that we take with each breath through the lungs.

Stimulate the NEUTRAL THYROID for defense
With this exercise, you harmonize the calcium metabolism. From a yoga perspective, one should strengthen the parathyroid gland, because it is considered a guardian of health.

Exercise instructions:
• Put the right leg forward - the weight rests on the sole of the foot. The left leg is stretched backwards, the back of the foot touches the ground, but not the knee.
• Place your hands in front of your chest, close your eyes and focus on the tip of your nose.
• Breathe deeply into the stomach. When inhaling, think and say "raa" (sun), exhale "maa" (moon). Slowly increase the exercise from 3 to 11 minutes.

The parathyroid gland consists of four individual, about peanut-sized glands. They are located immediately behind the thyroid in the neck area. The parathyroid gland produces the hormone that regulates the calcium and phosphate balance. If it works normally, bones are built up and dismantled.

Use the Liver to cleanse and detoxify the body
This exercise helps to make the liver work better and the metabolism in the whole organism runs smoothly.

Exercise instructions:
• You sit upright cross-legged, your right hand is on your back.
• Lift the left arm sideways with your fingers straight upwards.
• From this position, turn your spine from side to side. Inhale left and right again.
• Practice 2-3 minutes. Caution: For serious liver problems skip this exercise!

The up to four-pound liver is in the right upper abdomen. It is our central metabolism organ. Substances that are toxic to the body convert the liver so that they are excreted through the kidneys and intestines. It also regulates hormone balance and immune system.

Use the DARM to stimulate the immune cells
This yoga exercise strengthens the intestinal activity, stimulates digestion and brings the intestinal flora back into balance. It also stimulates all other internal organs, makes the spine more flexible and brings relaxation to the whole body. It is the most important exercise to strengthen the body's defenses.
Exercise instructions:
• You are sitting on the mat in a yoga or cross-legged position. The spine is stretched and upright. His hands are loosely on his knees. The shoulders and neck are relaxed.
• Now begin to rotate the upper body in large, gentle arcs clockwise around your body axis. The movement starts from the sternum. Butt and legs remain stable on the floor.
• Breathe in when you are in the front and out again when you are in the back.
• Head, neck and shoulders remain loose. Make sure that the jaw is relaxed too.
• After 3 minutes, change the direction of rotation and turn counterclockwise for 3 minutes.

The intestine is not only important for our digestion - it also has a central function for the defense. About 70 percent of the immune cells live in the seven to nine meter long organ. In addition, immunoglobulins are produced here. They protect our body from infections.

Activate the lymphatic glands in a targeted manner
This exercise trains the lymph nodes in the groin area to better ward off pathogens.

Exercise instructions:
• For the first part, sit with your legs straight on your yoga mat. The hands are relaxed on the outstretched knees.
• Take a deep breath, look forward and push the chest out.
• While exhaling, round your back and lower your head (see picture above).
• Repeat this procedure for 3-5 minutes.
• For the second part, place your palms flat between your legs on the floor. The back is straight. Shift your weight to your hands and heels - as if you wanted to push yourself off the floor (see picture below).
• Keep the tension for 2-5 minutes while continuing to inhale and exhale deeply.

The lymph nodes or glands are located throughout the body and serve to make pathogens and foreign substances harmless. They produce white blood cells called lymphocytes. Most of the glands are located in the armpit area and in the groin.

Yoga teacher Kerstin Leppert gives in her book further suggestions on how you can strengthen your immune system.
LIQUID: Drink up to three liters of water daily - preferably still. A special healing effect has hot ginger water. It warms from the inside and makes the mucous membranes more resistant to germs. Recipe: cut a piece of ginger about 3 cm into small pieces and simmer for about 20 minutes in a liter of water over low heat. Then strain and drink throughout the day.
NUTRITION: Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, cereals, little meat. Especially immune boosting are: apples, grapes, garlic, yogurt and parsley. Try to avoid alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sugar and white flour products.
HARDENING: Cold showers and regular sauna sessions make you more resistant.

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