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Amazing Hair Color Transformation|Dying my hair LIME Green?Pink hair Blue hair Purple hair Tutorial (June 2019).


Blonding was yesterday and you can see brown shades everywhere. In our guide, we will show you how to use special colors to make your hair shine in blue or pink.

They are conspicuous and definitely stand out from the crowd: women with special hair colors. Red and deep black can be seen now but very often and who has seen enough of it and want to miss your own head time a color treatment, should think about dyeing with bright colors.

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The basics for dyeing

You are in the best of hands for this radical change of color at a hairdresser, but if you dare, you can do it at home. Get a Blondierung first for this. Because the bright colors hold only really well in hair, whose cuticle layer was previously opened by a bleaching. Even natural blonde hair gets rid of the special color quickly. For example, if you want to achieve a bright shade of blue, the bleaching must be very bright. A darker blue, you get accordingly with a darker blond tone, which attacks the hair less. You'll also need your favorite color from providers like Directions, Fudge or Manic Panic. Also recommended is a shower cap, so that the color can work well for a long time and leave no traces in your home.

Dyeing bright colors: That's how it works

Now, first perform the bleaching. The exact application and exposure time can be found in the pack. If your hair is now bleached and washed out again, you can then apply the blue (green, pink, etc.) color. First, however, cream the skin in front of the hairline on the face, behind the ears and neck, so that these areas do not discolour. Now apply the color evenly in the hair and put a shower cap over it at the end. Leave everything to work for a long time according to the leaflet.

So the color keeps better

If the color has worked long enough, it will flush out. Do not use shampoo because your hair is already washed by the shampoo in the bleaching and you would only unnecessarily remove much of your new bang. Instead, you should soak the hair once with a very dilute vinegar rinse, so that the hair shaft closes and the color so better in the hair. Finally, you can incorporate a nourishing treatment or conditioner.

Generally, you should try not to wash your hair unnecessarily anymore. With every shampooing a lot of color is lost. Especially after the first coloring, the color often does not last well. For example, to get rid of greasy hair for days, you can use dry shampoo.

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