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They relieve irritation, tighten the tissue and help with split ends - without additives.

The Egyptian queen Cleopatra is said to have regularly touched a brown paste of clay to her face - as we know today, her beauty mask contained silicon. It is one of the most important minerals for our body: Bones, hair, fingernails and skin need silicon to stay healthy. Even the homeopathic physician Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler knew this healing effect when he developed his famous mineral salt therapy in the middle of the 19th century: With twelve homeopathically prepared minerals, almost all complaints can be cured, whether externally or internally.
A captivatingly uncomplicated method: nobody has to remember Latin names. Schuessler simply numbered the salts from 1 to 12. Silicon, for example, was number 11. Other important salts for beauty: No.1 (Calcium fluoratum), No.3 (Ferrum phosphoricum), No.6 (Kalium sulfuricum), No.8 (Natrium chloratum), No.9 ( Sodium phosphoricum) and No. 10 (sodium sulfuricum). "Schüßler salts regenerate the skin, make it more resistant and supple, " says Günther H. Heepen, alternative practitioner and author of numerous Schüßler counselors.

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The beauty salts are not only for oral use, but also as ointments, No.1 and Nr.11 also as lotions (such as DHU, pharmacy). The tablets are allowed to melt slowly in the mouth so that the active ingredients are already absorbed by the mucous membrane. Sustainable successes are already evident after a few weeks.

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