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Hairstyles Instructions: High Bun

Mini Braid Wrapped High Bun | Missy Sue (June 2019).


This updo is not only among the stars of the Renner. No wonder: The look conjures a styling that looks glamorous and festive. We give tips on how the High Bun succeeds.

If you have a lot and voluminous hair, you can be happy with this look: The High Bun crowns then without many aids the head. But also women with rather fine or little hair do not have to do without the updo. Fortunately, a few smart people have come up with accessories that make a voluminous high bun even with fine hair.

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Instructions for thick hair

  1. Brush the hair backwards and pull together at the top of the back and fix with a hair tie.
  2. Now turn the high ponytail in and wrap it around the hair tie.
  3. Pin it with hairpins and then loosen the bun - gently on different sides of the updo, so that the styling looks a bit messy.

Instructions for fine hair

  1. Transfer point 1 from the instructions for thick hair.
  2. Now the aid comes into play, which conjures up a voluminous high-bun from every hair: a hair donation.
  3. Thread the ponytail through the hair donut, so that it finally lies over the hair elastic.
  4. Now put the ponytail over the hair donut from the outside so that it is evenly covered with hair.
  5. Fix with another hair tie.
  6. Lay the protruding hair ends evenly around the hair elastic and fix with hairpins. At the end, neither the hair donut nor the hair tie should be visible.

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