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Background and Recipes "Dinner for One"

DINNER FOR ONE Original 1963 HQ (May 2019).


Dinner for One is part of a classic New Year's Eve as well as fireworks and lead casting. But how did this tradition come about?

In the 1950s, comedian Freddie Frinton staged the sketch "Dinner for One" for the first time. Frinton himself played the butler James, the second role of Miss Sophie took over May Warden. It shows the dinner party Miss Sophies on the occasion of her 90th birthday.

The sequence

Miss Sophie has invited her best friends Sir Toby, Admiral von Schneider, Mr. Pommeroy and Mr. Winterbottom. With all the guests already dead, Butler James not only has to serve food and drinks, but also imitate the guests and toast each of them with Miss Sophie - at each aisle. Among the dishes are sherry, white wine, champagne and port. Butler James realizes how this will end and asks his supervisor several times: "The same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?" (The same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?), Whereupon she answers each time: "The same procedure as every year, James. "(James runs the same routine as he does every year.) James is quick-witted with four drinks and Freddie Frinton takes the audience by fancy facial expressions, funny toasts, and stumbling over a stuffed tiger's head again and again to laugh.

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Popular almost everywhere

In Germany, the sketch was first broadcast on March 8, 1963 on television. The NDR had recorded it. Since 1972, the funny drama has been part of the New Year's Eve program that Germans love: in 2013, "Dinner for One" reached its highest ratings with 15 million viewers. Also in South Africa, Australia and Norway, the piece is very popular. Only in Britain it is considered almost completely unknown.


Meanwhile, on New Year's Eve, not only the classic version of "Dinner for One" is shown on television. There are various modifications, for example to North German, North Hessian, K├Âlsch or Ruhr German. If you want, you can enjoy the whole evening with the funny, drunken butler and his Miss Sophie.

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