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Cress, Chinese cabbage, Swiss chard: Healthier plants do not exist. In any case, say US scientists who have compared in a study the nutritional content of various fruit and vegetables. The result is a list of the 40 healthiest foods in the world.

40th place: sweet potato

It is also called Batate and is ideal for puree, soup or especially delicious sweet potato fries. The sweet potato is popular in Germany, but is not grown here, but from warmer countries we imported Brazil or Israel. She has just made it into the top list of the 40 healthiest fruits and vegetables.

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30th place: strawberry

Can that be sweet sin? In this case not, because the strawberry is ranked 30th of the healthiest fruits and vegetables in the world. If that's not good news for those with a sweet tooth!

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21st place: Brussels sprouts

Small but powerful: Brussels sprouts contain a variety of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. He can even protect against cancer, because it contains a lot of sulforaphane. In the study, he came with this healthy mix on place 21 of the ranking.

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16th place: dandelion

Hard to believe, but this plant ranks 16th among the healthiest foods ever. Dandelion is due to the bitter substances in the leaves so healthy - the taste is only slightly bitter. As a salad dandelion in gourmet circles is considered a delicacy. Another possibility of enjoyment: blanch dandelion and serve with bean puree.

8th place: parsley

For seasoning stir-fries, on cream cheese or butter bread, in soups or stews: The uses of parsley are almost inexhaustible. It is also great for yummy slimming smoothies or for refining tomato salad.

5th place: spinach

Yes, the fairy tale with the iron miracle. It used to be thought that spinach contained as much healthy iron as no other food. Then came out: comma error! Nonetheless, green leafy vegetables are among the top 5 healthy foods! If that's no reason to repeat the old call: eat more spinach!

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4th place: beetroot

Baking, roasting, cooking or frying: Beetroot not only tastes delicious, but is also considered a ferrous power vegetable. This is also confirmed by the US study, in which the tuber ends up in fourth place among the healthiest fruits and vegetables. It tastes like a stew, you can put it on the grill or even make chips from it. Ergo: Beetroot is a real all-rounder!

3rd place: Swiss chard

From June to September it has high season in Germany, whereby it is grown only in small quantities in this country, otherwise often imported from southern Europe. One thing is certain: this vegetable is not only super healthy, but also incredibly delicious. In the Italian omelette "Frittata" or in Crespelles with goat cream cheese - a treat!

1st place: cress

Voilà, probably the healthiest plant in the world: cress. According to the US researchers, cress contains the highest nutrient density of all fruit and vegetables, making it the World Health Champion.

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And here is the whole tale of the healthiest food in the world. The value NDS ("Nutrient Density Score") reflects the nutritional value of the food in question. Based on 17 ingredients such as certain vitamins and minerals, US scientists have calculated this. In doing so, they only considered ingredients that, according to scientific studies, have a positive effect on health.

The healthiest food in the world

SecondChinese cabbage91.99
7thleaf lettuce70.73
9thRoma salad63.48
12thmustard greens61.39
13thendive salad60.44
17thRed pepper41.26
20thHokkaido pumpkin33.82
21stBrussels sprouts32.23
22ndspring onion27.35
25thwhite cabbage24.51
29thiceberg lettuce18.28
32ndPumpkins (except Hokkaido)13.89
33rdorange12, 91
35thPink grapefruit11.64
40thsweet potato10.51

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