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Nutrition for beauty Is sugar bad for the skin?

Jennifer Lopez Tells Dr. Oz Her Beauty Secrets (May 2019).


Chocolate makes pimples, sugar makes us look wrinkled: sweets are entwined with many threatening-sounding myths. We'll tell you what's up and how you can avoid sugar.

The good news first: you can continue to eat chocolate. The bad ones: Do not ask for a whole blackboard a day. Chocolate, like most sweets, contains high levels of sugar. An exception is dark chocolate, which contains more cocoa and less sugar. But here, too, the absorbed sugar adds up when consumed. So: Reduce the enjoyment of a small bar of chocolate a day.

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Sugar causes the skin to age faster

In addition to alcohol and nicotine consumption, sugar also damages our skin and can lead to increased wrinkling. The culprit is the so-called glycation. This process refers to the saccharification of tissue fibers. Sugar end products, which the body can not metabolise, attach themselves to the fibers of the skin - this hardens, is less elastic and forms wrinkles more quickly. Sugar consumption can therefore directly affect the condition of our skin. This is also evident in many impurities and pimples. Because the skin is the reflection of our intestinal health and the intestine can only use a lot of sugar under stress. If we add more and more sugar, it can also lead to an impure skin.

Healthy diet helps to keep the skin young

As with many physical complaints, it is also wrinkled or impure skin: Who pays attention to his diet, will soon be able to notice a significant improvement in his skin. Especially foods with radical scavengers such as antioxidants or omega-3 fatty acids help to keep the aging process of the skin in check. Especially many antioxidants contain, for example, virgin olive oil or linseed oil. Fish such as salmon or tuna provide us with omega-3 fatty acids. Who does not like fish, can also fall back on capsules. In addition, a high-fiber diet helps to keep the intestines healthy - and that, in turn, reflects on our skin. A lot of fiber is in vegetables and whole grains. Fruit is also healthy, but as fruits also contain a lot of sugar, you should also consider fruit as a sweet. An apple is definitely healthier than a piece of chocolate!

Smoking is the worst enemy of the skin

Not only for our lungs are cigarettes pure poison: our skin ages faster through smoking. The reason for this is that the skin is less well supplied with blood by the nicotine and other substances contained in the cigarette - so they lack important nutrients and smokers are often five years older than they actually are.

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