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Jennifer Lopez Tells Dr. Oz Her Beauty Secrets (June 2019).


That is really feasible. However, the rules of the game look a bit different in every decade of life.

"You're getting older - you're getting fatter." So the women used to say, shrugging their shoulders as if to say, "That's life, do not upset yourself." And indeed, the "National Consumption Study" revealed: At the age of ten Ten percent more German people become overweight, but that's just one side of the story, because today we also know that it is possible to stay lean at any age Naturally, the needs of our bodies are changing 500 calories less than 20 years old The logical consequence: those who continue to eat as young as they are are increasing automatically and for a long time the experts recommended simply reducing the size of the portions, the only problem being that we need about the same amount of vitamins throughout our lives and minerals to stay really healthy, so the old "half-as-thieves" rule is not a good solution.

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In every decade of life, our body faces new challenges. However, some slim rules apply to all. So three solid meals a day are always ideal. The following weight loss plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner is therefore the same for all ages. What is different, however, is the small snack in between - the so-called magic drink. It is specifically tailored to the biological needs - including the calorie needs - of your life phase and ensures that you stay slim, fit and healthy.



If you are looking for something fruity, there is a basic cereal: 2 handfuls of fresh fruit, 150 ml of milk or yogurt with 1.5% fat, 2 tbsp pure cereal flakes, 1 tbsp of nuts or seeds. For the hunger for salty: 1 slice wholemeal bread with 1 tbsp. Quark, 1 slice of low-fat cold cuts, cheese, smoked salmon or egg and any number of raw nibbling vegetables. Each breakfast brings it to about 300 kcal.

Drinks & Extras

Unsweetened teas and calorie-free drinks can be enjoyed indefinitely. Other drinks are strictly a snack. 200 ml low-fat milk for milk coffee or 1 glass of Prosecco or 1 white wine spritzer or 2 apple spritzers or 1 flat palm full of untreated nuts, almonds or seeds or a handful of fruit are okay. That's about 100 kcal.

For lunch & dinner

For the two large meals you will find below 8 recipes - whether you cook something warm at home or mix a salad and take with you is up to you. Each dish has about 300 kcal.

Magic drink

You drink it in the morning, at noon or as a snack against the afternoon low - but better not after dinner. The trick: because younger women need more energy, the drinks are of varying content: the 30-plus drink has 300 kcal, the 40-plus version only 200 kcal - and the 50 plus drink only 100 kcal.

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