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Sewing instructions Noble pillowcases

How to Make a Sewing Machine Cover (June 2019).


Noble pillowcases can easily be created with this guide. The combination of velvet, embroidery fabric and fur piping not only looks good, but is also super soft and invites you to cozy cuddling. For your own precious pillowcases, read our detailed step-by-step guide.

With our great guide pillow lovers can express their love of luxury in a great, homemade pillow cover. The ready-made pillows are great for bringing a good dose of glamor and luxury to your own home. It is precisely the fabrics that make the pillows so extravagant and visually spice up your sofa or bed. With our tips, you sew your dream pillow for a more beautiful living.

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Dimensions: about 40 x 60 cm

You need: approx. W 150 x L 25 cm gray wool fabric with embroidery "Contour", Art. WE 7154-091, from Soleil Bleu par Wellmann via JAB Anstoetz; approx. W 150 x L 30 cm cream velvet "Soft Glamor" (Samrückseite is black!), Art. CH7717, by Chivasso; total L 240 x 1 cm fur strips in black; 1 zipper, L 35 cm; suitable sewing thread, pins, scissors, tape measure, pencil, ruler, tailor's chalk, matching pillow filling

cut out

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Mark the measurements on the left side of the fabric.

From wool fabric:

1 x rectangle of 18 x 120 cm plus 1.5 cm seam allowance on all sides

Made of velvet:

2 x rectangles of 12 x 120 cm plus 1 cm seam allowance on all sides


1. Sew together the pieces of fur with two strips of 1x120 cm each.

2. Place the middle piece with the right side up. Place a velvet strip with the right side of the fabric facing up parallel. Stick the velvet strip to the middle piece so that the seam allowance of the embroidery fabric is 1.5 cm wide under the velvet and the 1 cm seam allowance of the velvet is above the embroidery fabric.

3. Quilt the velvet strip on the middle part.

4. Sew on the second velvet stripe on the other side of the midsection as well.

5. Put the fur strip in the 1 cm wide protruding velvet hem. Turn the velvet hem 0, 5 cm wide to the fur side and stick. Since the Samtrückseite is black, it forms a black piping when folding the hem. At the same time the fur strip is included (see also photo).

6. Sew the seam with black sewing thread and a small zigzag stitch. When sewing make sure that the fine hair does not get into the seam.

7. The other side work the same way.

8. Insert the zipper in the back center of the pillow. To do this, fold the pillow part right to right so that the short sides in the middle meet. Close the middle seam at both ends to the zipper length and insert the zipper into the slot. Open the zipper.

9. Close the top and bottom seams, turn the pillow to the right and insert a pillow pad.


Visit and download here the sewing instructions for the noble luxury pillowcases >>

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