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Weight Watchers Special Diet Myths - True or False?

Top 5 Surprising Dieting Myths (June 2019).


There are many clever tips to make losing weight easier. However, the truth of most advice is often small. We examined the five most important diet myths.

MYTH:If you eat a lot of sweets, you become addicted to them.

TRUTH:As irresistible as sweety may seem - it has little to do with addiction. Chocolate, ice cream and cakes are soul comforters, if we are not feeling well, and have their justification. Instead of having a guilty conscience with every piece of chocolate, it's worth learning how to enjoy sweetness modestly.

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MYTH:If you want to lose weight, you just have to do sports.

TRUTH:To reduce weight by exercise alone, you would need to exercise at least five hours a week. Weight loss and weight maintenance are most effective with a combined diet and exercise program.

MYTH:My weight is genetically determined.

TRUTH:Very few people have an innate genetic profile that makes weight reduction difficult. And even in these cases, losing weight is possible.

MYTH:If you eat a lot in the evening, you get fat faster.

TRUTH:At the end of the day, it's just how much you 've consumed throughout the day, not whether the main meal was at noon or evening.

MYTH:If you are on a diet, you have to do without any delicacies.

TRUTH:In a balanced diet you can eat anything - in moderation. Also sweet and greasy. At Weight Watchers, even a piece of Weight Watchers cake or a glass of beer is allowed as part of a certain point value. Anyone who cleverly combines food needs to do without much.

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