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Romantic braided hairstyles

Romantic Bridal Fishtail Braid Hairstyle (April 2019).


Whether in everyday life or for the evening event: braided hairstyles are trendy and often are not that difficult to make themselves, as they first appear. Especially in summer, they are particularly suitable for long hair and thanks to our instructions, the beautiful braids are made quickly. What you can do with your hair can be found here.

A pretty braided hairstyle is the trend of the summer. She makes sure that long hair does not always fall in the face and look great on top of that. Farmers and Gretchenzöpfe turn out to be real eye-catchers and are not as complicated to braid, as it may seem. In order to make it easy for you to braid your braids, we've put together beautiful and simple hairstyles and step by step instructions and pictures for you. Choose the look you like best and braid what it takes!

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Idea 1: Hair wreaths

Braided hair wreath

In addition to the usual updos, there is also the possibility to tie up the hair to a beautiful hair wreath (see picture above). In addition, the wreath brings a touch of romance in every look. Lichening seems complicated at first, but with our guidance we are sure to succeed. Soon you too can shine with your hair crown like a princess.

The instructions for braided hair wraps can be found here >>

Idea 2: Farming braid

Braided peasant braid

Where the peasant's brains got his name? One hundred years ago, the peasant women braided their hair together in a tight braid: the farm pigtail. Even today, he still likes to wear and shows himself throughout the year as a very popular hairstyle. So that you too can learn the art of braiding, we have prepared a step-by-step manual for the braid. We are sure that with a little practice the hairstyle will soon succeed in just a few minutes.

The manual for the peasant braid is here >>

Idea 3: Herringbone braid

Braided herringbone braid

The herringbone braid is similar to a peasant's braid, only a little filigree. This type of braid can be braided very well in a Messy style, which makes the look more casual. Although it looks more complicated than the peasant's braid, the braiding technique is a simpler one. You also only need two strands of hair to create the pattern. But just have a look at our step-by-step guide.

The braiding instructions for the herringbone braid can be found here >>

Idea 4: Lateral pawn

Side farm pigtail

The Bauernzopf is also available in the lateral variant. The braid perfectly circles the head in this look and ends casually on the shoulder. Another difference to the classic is that the braid begins directly at the hairline. Also from the front you can see the pattern braided in the hair. Tip: Fix falling strands with small bobby pins. So that you can easily do the copying, we also have a step-by-step guide for you.

For instructions for the side Bauernzopf it goes along >>

More instructions for different braid looks:

If you are already an expert in the field of hair weaving, you can face new challenges. In our gallery with reweaving wraps you will find some variations that you should definitely try out. In addition to a woven-in bun, you will also find instructions for a waterfall braid, which requires a bit of skill.

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