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Before / After Umstyling: New look for the office


Banker Anja wants to change her career. A great occasion to try out another styling - and to experience yourself anew.

Umstyling: New look for the office

Anja (41)

Occupation: Bank clerk, currently seeking work. Residence: Lives with her husband Martin in the town of Tegernsee in Bavaria - and thus directly on the Tegernsee with mountain views. Hobbies: Anja is very close to nature. She walks and walks a lot in her surroundings or swims in the lake.


The cuts of skirt and blouse are very sporty, the colors too hard for Anja's complexion. Pearl earrings and ring are therefore not feminine, but "ladylike". Her full hair lacks momentum.

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Anja wants to develop in every way. The trained bank clerk is currently looking for a job, wants to try something new again. This aroused the desire to see a new face in the mirror, with a different styling. "I want to change - and holistically!" Says Anja. Her classic trouser suits in dark colors and her eternally same make-up can no longer see her. The FOR YOU styling team should help her find out what she really stands for.


So Anja can start: with a springy step cut and light make-up in brown and rosewood tones. Her new outfit: pink blazer (H & M) plus bead embroidered silk top (Tibi) and carded chinos (Marc Cain Sports) in beige. In addition: gray high heels (Guess).

New outfits

In the studio immediately shows: daring cuts and soft colors bring the well-trained 41-year-old to the radiance. Hardly in the outfits, Anja tries on the high heels: "Hey, they are really comfortable!" A few steps up and down, and the high heel is no longer a problem. A plus point: her gait seems livelier and more elegant, butt and legs are sexy. "I really need high heel shoes from now on, " enthuses the Bavarian.

Where is the party?

Rosewood mini dress (Traffic People), gray cardigan, silver chain (both rare) and gray pumps (Görtz).

With her figure she can easily wear mini dresses and skirts. In terms of color, harmonious natural shades such as beige, rose, lavender and sky blue are offered. Anja: "My color favorites are rosé and cream." For the job advises her stylist Christine Kelch pants, top and blazer. Such a combo looks more modern than a costume or trouser suit made of the same material. Anja's new business look is softened by delicate silver jewelery.

Brown likes pink

Eyeshadow Palette (Giorgio Armani), Rouge (Dr. Hauschka), Nail Polish (Esprit), Lip Gloss (Make up Factory).

Brown powder between the eyelashes looks softer than an eyelid line.

New make-up

Despite small pigment spots, Anja's complexion can look even. The helpers there for: concealer, make-up and loose powder. A small correction is made by Armin Vogl brewing her eyes. Curved corners on the insides make the face a little too edgy. Vogl exceptionally plucks the "devil's corners" over the brow and uses tweezers to form beautifully curved brow arches. Metallic green eyeshadow on the moving eyelid, brown in the eyelid fold - Anja's eyes open already visually. A little brown powder between the blackened eyelashes makes the look deep, but not too hard. Brownish rouge contoured Anja's face, a rosewood tone on the cheeks brings freshness and orange lip gloss natural shine. "At home I have to practice a lot, but I take the suggestions with me." Anja is still looking for her dream job, the ideal styling she has already found.

New cut

A full seven inches fall before Anja's hair is leveled on the top of his head.

New look

Anja looks fresh in the sky blue jersey top (Apart). The silver ornamental chain (Eluij) underlines the look.

New hairstyle

Then the hair is on it: "Well, I've been there so far rather practical and not very keen on experimenting, " admits Anja, before the professional attaches the scissors. But even if Anja loses seven inches of her hair, she wins visually. At the highest point of the head, the hair is cut in star-shaped steps. It remains so long that Anja can still tie her hairstyle while jogging to a braid. But there are still many more variants possible: blow the tips outward or put the hair in the evening to a noble updo. Fine highlights in light blond and natural gold give the hair natural shine. They look like they are brightened by the sun. In order for Anja's hair to get even more stance and hold on hairstyles, her hairstylist Armin Vogl gives the tip to make a generous splash beforehand. Anja is enthusiastic: "That has never held otherwise, but now it works. I'll be able to do it alone in the future. "

Delicate jewelry: silver ornamental necklace and bracelets with colorful glass beads (Eluij).

Neon green highlight: The nappa leather bag (Marc Cain) refreshes Anja's look immediately.

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