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Stars Interview: Audrey Tautou

Audrey Tautou - First U.S. interview (May 2019).


"The Fabulous World of Amélie" made Audrey Tautou a superstar. And a little bit of the dreamy girl is still in her. We met the actress for an interview.

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  • Born:9 August 1976, raised in Montluçon, Auvergne. After graduation she went to Paris and took acting lessons at the prestigious Cours Florent.
  • Career:Audrey Justine Tautou became famous overnight with "The Fabulous World of Amélie" in 2001. After "L'auberge espagnole" in 2002, "Mathilde" in 2004 and "The Da Vinci Code" in 2006, Tautou starred in "Coco Chanel" in 2009 and became the new face for Chanel N ° 5. She just made part three of the hit comedy " L'auberge espagnole "turned off. Title: "Casse-tête chinois".
  • Private:Her father, a dentist, and her mother, a teacher, named her (indeed!) After actress Audrey Hepburn.

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Trailer: Audrey Tautou in "The Foam of Days" >>

Since she enchanted us in "Amélie" with dimples, googly eyes and bold look, she is a cinema icon - and that far beyond France. Now Audrey Tautou is scattering stardust over the screen: In Michel Gondry's "The Foam of the Day" (from 3.10.13) she plays the dying Chloé, who experiences great love with Romain Duris. The film adaptation of Boris Vian's cult novel is a tender ode to the love and transience of life. For the interview for YOU, we have an appointment with Audrey Tautou at the Hotel "Bristol" in Paris and experience the actress completely without a star. The 37-year-old wears jeans and T-shirt, on make-up she has completely omitted, the tone is loose.

Audrey, for the first time you have to die on the screen. Did that matter to you?

Strangely enough - maybe because I am very hypochondriac. After the shoot, I thought it would not hurt to check my lungs and went to the x-ray. But everything is okay!

So no flowers grow in your lungs like Chloé. Did the crazy romance demand a lot?

Difficult was the journey in the clouds. In one scene, I'm floating in love with Romain Duris in seventh heaven. For this, our director put us in a kind of cloud vehicle, which hung on a crane. And I quickly get dizzy!

Does master director Michel Gondry demand so much from everyone?

Michels filming is always something special: every ten minutes he thinks of something new, is improvised - a crazy confusion. I am always very concentrated. But here I had to learn not to control everything and not to be afraid that I would fail. It makes you feel very alive!

Are you always so self-critical?

And how. I am madly strict with myself. But with Michel you forget that. With him it is not at all tragic, if you fail. If in doubt, he brings out the next great idea. I felt very free, very easy. Like a kid who only plays a game.

Should love always have something playful for you?

Hm, I think that love must be silly and a bit playful. Otherwise she is boring! I am very romantic.

What exactly do you love about romance?

The lightness. The absoluteness. The joy. I also like it when my partner surprises me.

Which place in Paris is the most beautiful for an avowed romantic?

I love the Tuileries, the park behind the Louvre with its avenues, the high plane trees and the round pool in the middle, where the children let go.

"Amélie" is now a good ten years back. Do you understand from today's distance why this film enchanted the whole world back then?

No - this is still a miracle for me. I traveled a lot, and everywhere it was the same, everywhere there were the same outbursts of emotion and exactly the same words: that they had been so touched by the movie, but in a very special way. It's like a great gift that still pervades me.

A present - or a shock?

A shock was just to be famous from one day to the next! That was very unusual at the beginning, so I was not prepared for that. I do not know if I would have wanted it! All the glances that are suddenly directed at you - that made me very insecure.

What did you think of your current film, of the character Chloé?

A keepsake, as of every turn. A few crazy shoes in Bambi look and a cake made of fabric and feathers, all small works of art.

And from "Amélie"?

The little binoculars she used to watch the neighbors. And her bedspread. He is lying on my bed with me.

What memory will you carry with you forever from "The Foam of the Days"?

As a bride in a transparent Cadillac convertible with Romain Duris over the Champs-Elysees, which were specially closed to us. There were lots of onlookers who marveled at us from the roadside. You only experience something like this once in a lifetime!

France got upset when there was a rumor recently that they had married. Could the movie have brought you to the taste?

No no no! I do not have to experience everything that I experience in front of the camera in real life! Even if it was something really nice.

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