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DIY tutorial Basket with crochet border

Crochet Scalloped Edge Basket (April 2019).


This turquoise crochet edge of voluminous yarn and strong stitches is created almost in no time at all. Simple bamboo shells can be beautified as fast as lightning - why not each one in a different strong color?

With our free crochet instructions beautify simple bamboo shells. Try it!

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You need the following material: Textile yarn "Filara" by Schachenmayr Select (run length: approx. 44 m / 50 g), 65% viscose, 35% polyamide, in turquoise, color code 07717; Crochet hook No. 6; Bamboo basket, approx. ├ś 35 cm; scissors

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And this is how it works :

1. First, the basket edge is tightly crocheted with fixed stitches. Pierce about 2 cm below the edge.

2. Next, close the round with a chain stitch, cut the thread and sew.

Download knitting instructions

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