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Knitting Pattern Knitted Jacket with Cable Knit

white knit cardigan free cardigan knitting patterns cable knit cardigan women (April 2019).


This Sinibaldi-style cable-knit jacket is an ideal model for the experienced. Here you will find our free guide.


Gr. 36/38 and 40/42 (in brackets) If there is only one indication, this applies to both sizes.)

Material: ONline wool line 171 "Kim" (75% merino wool, 25% silk, approx. 130 m / 50 g), 800 (850) g ​​in stone Fb. 24, knitting needles and double pointed needles No. 4-4, 5, a needle, 6 buttons.

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Waistband pattern: 2 sts, 2 sts in stocking sts .

Basic pattern: M-number divisible by 14 + edge-M. After the knitting work. In the back the m str as they appear, or the Kraus-M re abstr. The 1st-10th Repeat R always.

Mesh sample: 26 M and 32 R = 10 x 10 cm.

Back piece: Cast on 126 (142) sts and work 8 cm under garter st, starting at the back st from edge st with 1 st. After 8 cm for Gr. 36/38 split 2 sts = 128 (142) sts. Continue in basic pattern = edge sts, 9x (10x) repeat sts, edge sts. After 26 cm for armholes, bind off on both sides 1x 7 sts = 114 (128) sts. On both sides cast on 35 sts on next side for 184 = 184 (198) sts. After 12 cm begin shoulder rounding: 1x on both sides Slip 1 st, then dec 1 st on every other row = 174 (188) sts, on every other row R 11x (13x) 1, 3x 2, 2x 3, 1x 4, 1x 6 sts and 3 sts 12 (13) To lose weight. Bind off the remaining 36 neckline sts.

On the left front piece: Cast on 58 (66) sts and work in 8 cm bundle pattern, beginning with the back of the edge st from left to right. After 8 cm for Gr. 40/42 1 M abn = 58 (65) M. Work in the basic pattern = edge-M, 4x the repeat, edge-M (edge-M, 4x the repeat, 1x the 1st-7th M from the repeat, while the last 3 sts, edge-M). In this division str, while Armausschnitt and Ärmelrundung work like the back. For the neckline after 49 cm basic pattern on the left edge 1x5M, in each 2.R1x3und4x 1 sts.

Right front: work the same

Completion: close the cuffs and shoulder seams. Close side seams. Pick up 52 sts from the stop edge of the sleeves (take only 3 sts from 4 sts) and take 12 sts from the stiched sts of the armholes. Work over the 64 sts on sleeve in round with needle size approx. 50 cm, then cast off sts. For the collar from the neckline, grasp 75 sts (front pieces each 20 sts, back piece 35 sts). Work 2 sts 1 st, 1 st in stocking sts, then double each sts. Work 2 rows sts, then repeat every row = 148 sts and in the pattern approx. 35 cm sts. Then cast off the M loosely. The 35 cm long collar edges fold so that they are about 8 cm wide. For the button panel from the left front part and collar, take approx. 156 sts (front piece 136 sts, collar 20 sts) and knit in the garter st, starting at the back sts at edge st with 2 sts left. After 4 cm bind off the sts. For buttonhole appliqué after 2cm6buttonhole work: 6Mstr, * 2M (= Re + L) rewrapped stockinette, 1 turn, 2 sts in stocking st (= L + R sts), 24 sts, repeat from *. Sew on each cover 1x back, 1x left = 2 sts.

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