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Embroidery Pattern Embroidered Chain Pendant

Embroidery Necklaces - How to put embroidery in a necklace (June 2019).


Immerse yourself in the world of embroidery with us! The handmade necklace with embroidered pendant is suitable both as a personal gift and for personal use. You will find these and many more great stick instructions in the book "Sticken - It's So Easy" by Anja Brinkmann, published by GU.

Material: balsa wood, 2 mm thick, cutter and ruler, thin wood drill, Anchor Sticktwist: turquoise (185), pink (25), brown (360), white (01), gray (398), pointed embroidery needle, adhesive, chain eyelets, Chain

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1. At you can download the template for the chain tag. Print and cut to the size you want. Transfer the outline of the template and the holes to the balsa wood with a thin pencil.
2. Using a cutter and ruler, cut out the outer shape of the chain trailer. The holes are drilled with a very thin wood drill bit. Do not pierce the wood with a needle or awl: Because balsa wood is very delicate and fragile, the thin wood is easily split and the pendant is destroyed.

3. The beginning and end of the yarns can be fixed with glue on the back of the trailer. First, the turquoise-colored longitudinal stitches are worked on in the elastic stitch, followed by the dark brown ones.
4. Embroider the small crosses with the pink yarn. They connect the other two colors. In the back row, work the stitches from bottom left to top right and in the back row from bottom right to top left.
5. Finally, weaving is done crosswise with white and gray yarn.
6. Now insert the trailer hanger very carefully and squeeze it together. Then thread the chain through. If the outside edges of the trailer are too rough, gently smooth with very fine emery paper.
Tip: Alternatively, you can also use finished chain trailers, where the holes are already pre-drilled. They are available in all sorts of shapes.

Stick manual

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