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(crochet) Pt1: How To Crochet an Amigurumi Rabbit - Yarn Scrap Friday (May 2019).


Easter is a wonderful occasion to bring out the remains of wool and crochet hook. Try our crochet pattern!

Cuddly bunnies CROCHET

Material:cotton yarn in white, linen, cream and light blue, z. From Schachenmayr, "Catania Fine" (100% cotton, 165 m = 50 g), 50 g each or leftovers, a crochet hook No. 2-3, synthetic filling wadding, embroidery thread in dark gray, 2 small buttons.

Basic Pattern: Crochet M in rows and M in rounds. Duplicate / Increase M: Crochet 2 solid sts in a puncture site. Remove M: cut off 2 sts together.

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Mesh sample: 30 M and 34 R = 10 x 10 cm


Body (2x in white): Close 3 meshes with 1 slit stitch to the ring.

1st round:Crochet 6 solid sts.

A colored thread between the round transition facilitates counting. 2nd round: 1 solid M, 3 solid M in one puncture site, 2 solid M, 3 solid min one puncture site, 1 fixed M = 10 M.
3rd round: 1 solid sts, doubling the following 3 sts, 2 sts sts, doubling the following, 1 st M = 16 sts.

4th round: 2 solid sts, doubling the following 4, 4 sts, doubling, 2 sts = 24 sts.

Inner Ear (2x in Leashes ): Cast on 5 Air Meshes and crochet 4 solid sts.

6. R: Inc 1 st on both sides = 6 sts. 7.-22. Crochet R without any increase. 23. R: Slip 1 st on both sides = 4 sts. 24. R: 1 st from M = 3 sts. Crochet the inner ear with 3 rounds of firm M in white, then crochet outer and inner ear with Kettmaschen.

Arms (2x): For the inner paw cast on 9 aquarists in linen and crochet 8 solid sts. Crochet 8 rows, then crochet the piece in white with 2 rounds. For the inner arm, crochet over one side and 11 sts still 20 rows. For the outer arm in white, cast 12 small meshes and crochet 11 solid sts. After 32 R the part is finished.

Legs (2x): Throw 31 small meshes in white and crochet about 30 sts approx. For the paws increase 1x 10 sts on both sides, add 3 sts 1 st in each row and crochet 8 rows for every 56 sts. After 32 R the part is finished. For the pothole in linen 1x the 1.-9. Crochet round as described in the body.

Completion: Sew together the headboards, then stuff them with cotton wool. Gently stuff the whisker and sew it on. Sew on the ears. Embroider eyes and nose. Sew body parts together, then stuff with cotton wool. Sew the head to the body. Close the sleeve seams, stuff them and sew them to the hull. Close the sutures, sew in the sole, stuff it and sew it to the body.

Trousers (2x in light blue): Cast on 21 sts for the 1st leg and crochet over 20 sts 18 rows. Crochet the second trouser leg in exactly the same way. Crochet both pieces with 2 sts and crochet 30 rows over all 42 sts. Crochet 2 sts and 3 sts together = 28 sts. Work 4 rs on both sides in each row = 1 st = 20 sts. Crochet 20 sts for both sides on each side for 4 sts, middle row 12 Leave M untreated. The back part of the pants

is finished. Crochet the front piece without straps and for 2 buttonholes in front of the last two rows on both sides the 3rd and

4. Leave M untreated and for each

Crochet 2 pieces of air. Crochet 2 solid sts over the air stitch in the following R. Close the trouser seams and sew the buttons to the straps.

Sweater (2x in cream): For the first part of the sweater cast on 35 pieces of air and crochet about 34 sts about 26 rows. For both sleeves, increase 12 sts and crochet 16 rows over all 58 sts. After 42 R the part is finished. Work the second part in exactly the same way. Close the seams leaving a 4-5 cm opening for the neckline. Roll up the sleeves.

  • Our tip: complete your handmade work with beautiful crochet flowers.
  • You do not get any further? Knitted videos, basics and helpful tips about your crafting can be found here.

You can download the instructions here for free:

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