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hair accessories for parlour use (June 2019).


Gone are the days when hair ornaments underline the girl's image. Hair accessories are back in fashion! We tell you a few tips that you should pay attention to when wearing hair accessories.

He sets the highlight on every hairstyle, is very trendy and is an absolute eye-catcher: the hair jewelry! He not only looks pretty, but also tames individual strands and keeps the hair in the fence. Only the right hair jewelry makes the hairstyle and the outfit perfect.
There are plenty of accessories for the hair, such as clips, braces, hair clips, hair ties, hair bands or hair bands. The jewelry is available in different variants. Hair accessories are available eg with rhinestones, with flowers, with feathers or bows, in different colors and sizes. In a few seconds, you can do wonders with chic hair accessories.

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Tips for hair accessories

When placing the headdress you should pay attention to your head shape. For example, women with a slender face can wear very well hair accessories on the head sides. With a round face, the jewelry would be out of place, as this placement makes the face look wider. When choosing your hair jewelry you should make sure that the jewelry fits your handbag and the rest of the outfit, otherwise it can quickly overstyled work. Selected hair accessories give your whole outfit an extra dose of glamor. Do not be afraid of bigger braces. On special occasions such as weddings fit large clasps perfect. The narrower the tape, the easier it will slip. Therefore, you should fix narrow hair bands with hairpins or hair spray.

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