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Knitting Pattern Covered bangle with pearl knit

How to Knit a Bracelet - Braided Cable Knit | Winter Fashion Knits (May 2019).


A noble accessory made of wool? Yes, that is possible! With our simple knitting instructions for the chic bangle you will reap some compliments.

You need: Schachenmayr / SMC, "Egypto Cotton" quality (100% cotton, running length 180 m / 50 g),

50 g in white, Fb. 00009; Knitting needles No. 2-3; white thread; Beads, approx. 30 x Ø 6 mm and approx. 60 x Ø 2 mm (craft supplies); simple fashion jewelry bangle, 3 cm wide

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Preparation: Pull the beads randomly onto the twine. Important: Do not cut the thread!

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Knit the stitches in the rows on the left and knit in the back rows on the right.

Stitch sample: 30 stitches and 40 rows = 10 x 10 cm


Start by slinging 22 stitches and knitting smooth left. Knit the twine with loosely distributed beads over the 10 middle stitches.

In the next step, the circumference of the bangle is measured and subtracted 2 to 3 cm. Finish the piece about this length and bind off the stitches. Then sew the short strip ends together and pull the knitted ribbon over the bangle. It should sit tight. Finally, the inner seam must be closed.

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